A Book is Born Today!

1655060_10202352586313888_1471055173_oToday is the official book birthday of my new young adult novel: Caught Between Two Curses. One day, I will get back to my posts about worry, don’t you worry. But today, I’m all about the excitement of my second novel, which you can order right from the publisher TODAY: http://www.rockinghorsepublishing.com/new-release.html  OR you can come see me in person on Friday (3/21) at Fuzzy’s Tacos in Webster Groves, MO (Watson Road and Laclede Station intersection, Yorkshire Plaza) from 4pm to 8pm CST.

In honor of the book birthday, here’s the plot summary:

Seventeen-year-old Julie Nigelson is cursed. So is her entire family. And it’s not just any-old-regular curse, either—it’s strangely connected to the famous “Curse of the Billy Goat” on the Chicago Cubs.

Julie must figure out this mystery while her uncle lies in a coma and her entire love life is in ruins: her boyfriend Gus is pressuring her to have sex, while her best friend Matt is growing more attractive to her all the time.

Somehow, Julie must figure out how to save her uncle, her family’s future, and her own love life—and time is running out!

In the spirit of young adult love triangles everywhere, while reading this book, you’ll have to decide if you are Team Matt or Team Gus. Julie has to figure it out. Here’s an excerpt from Caught Between Two Curses:

 List Number Two

I shouldn’t be making a list comparing these two. It was trouble, huge trouble, especially if anyone else saw it and told either one. Why was I trying to screw up my perfect-senior-year romance?

Life was perfect in the romance department. Gus and I were going to homecoming together. And to make it even better, our class had nominated us for king and queen. Really, it was like a fairy tale. Okay, except for the part about Uncle Henri being in a coma and Matt putting these ideas into my head about kissing him and Gus disappearing for hours on end at night and on the weekends. Sometimes he was impossible to get a hold of; when I finally did reach him, he would never give me a clear answer on where he had actually been. He kept saying he was planning some big surprise for me. And I was the one holding back in our relationship anyway, still worried the curse could possibly hurt Gus.

What would making this list hurt? Chemistry was boring anyway.

List Number Two
Unbelievably dreamy eyes——————————–Awesome Listener

Great dresser———————————————–Fun

Awesome kisser——————————————–Helps My Family

Cute dimples———————————————-My best friend

Basketball stud——————————————-Cute Smile

Lots of friends——————————————-Knows my secret

Best lifeguard

Tight abs

Clearly, I was supposed to be with Gus. I tore up the list, Nancy kicked my foot again, and Mr. C wrote out two detention slips for us.

So, readers, what do you think? Is she clearly supposed to be with Gus? Would you be Team_Gus or Team_Matt? Check my blog: http://margodill.com/blog/ for the actors I would choose to play Gus, Matt and Julie!  To find out what happens and if Julie breaks the curses, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Caught Between Two Curses today!


  • Team Matt, for sure :) Sorry I can’t make the book signing…what a fun place to have one. Wishing you lots of success and yummy tacos.

    • Thanks for weighing in, Spirit Lady. I’m sure many of the Lit Ladies will be TEAM MATT, since you all helped me get this thing published!

  • So happy for you, Margo! Gonna try to make it to the book signing, I definitely wanna buy a few copies :) So glad this book is out for the world to see, it deserves to be noticed!

  • Wish I could go to the signing, but cheering you on– books sounds incredibly good. :)

    • Thanks, Julie! One day we’ll be able to transport ourselves like on Star Trek. :)

  • Congrats Margo! We’re so glad to have you on board teaching writing classes for us!

  • Team Matt…. for sure. See you Friday.


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