30 Oct

Alton Ghost Tour….orbs everywhere!

Last summer, I actually talked my husband into going with me on a haunted tour of Alton IL. He is not a believer in the paranormal and frankly he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. I think he’s just scared. LOL. But, he went with me in the dead of summer. It must have been 103 degrees out that day. We were roasting!

We took a walking tour around Alton. There are many attractions to see. It’s widely known that Alton is one of the most haunted cities in America. It is the apex of three rivers and build on Limestone. Both are believed to store paranormal energy. Not to mention Alton’s shady past.

A bit of history of Alton:
Alton is a city on the Mississippi River in Madison County, Illinois, United States, about 15 miles (24 km) north of St. Louis, Missouri. The population was 27,865 at the 2010 census. It is a part of the Metro-East region of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area in Southern Illinois. It is famous for its limestone bluffs along the river north of the city, for its role preceding and during the American Civil War, and as the hometown of jazz musician Miles Davis and Robert Wadlow, the tallest known man in history. It was the site of the last Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate in October 1858. The former state penitentiary here was used during the war to hold up to 12,000 Confederate prisoners of war.
The city has been labeled “The most haunted city in America” by paranormal enthusiasts, due to its claimed haunted hot spots, such as McPike Mansion and other structures. Most were built on foundations of stone taken from the former Civil War prison after it was abandoned. Confederate prisoners had suffered severe overcrowding, and many died during a smallpox epidemic. The city holds regular “ghost tours” and has been visited by television crews hoping to film proof of the paranormal.


We decided (I rather) to take a date night and go on one of the haunted ghost tours. Much of the four hour tour was a history lesson and a very interesting one. We were able to stand in an actual Underground Railroad tunnel! I can’t imagine the fear these people endured during that time. I wondered what that pink glare is on the stones of the tunnel – you couldn’t see it with your eye. I suppose a camera flash? Or maybe something more?

House Tour

Underground Railroad tunnel










The above house was lovely during the day and super creepy at night. I caught this picture with a strange light in the window, granted no one was in the building.










It became really interesting after the sun had set and we were touring an old church. The group was sitting in the pews and our tour guide was standing at the podium telling us the tail of the church. Suddenly my camera wouldn’t focus anymore. I tried to take several photos of her but I couldn’t get a clear one. At that very time, the guild became overwhelmed and feeling sick. She ended up setting on the step to catch her breath. I pointed my camera to the right and caught a picture of a violet orb!

Our Guide

Violet Orb











Once we left the area and went into the back of the church my camera was working fine. I took one last photo of the inside of the church when we were walking out and caught three distinct orbs!

Three Orbs









I never “felt” any presence and I never heard anything. I don’t think I am sensitive enough. But, I did catch them on camera!

I will definitely go on another ghost hunt!

Just another day in the life of a Busy lady!


  • Fascinating stuff! I recently went on a ghost tour in New Orleans. If you get a chance, check out my blog (drivingblindproductions.wordpress.com) and let me know what you think of my “ghost post.”

    • Thanks. ..I will check it out!

  • I think what happened to the tour guide is really weird. I have a friend who had a weird experience like that in a town out West. Her and her husband were on a “tour” of the West and going to some touristy “OLD WEST” town to stay the night. She was sick the minute they drove in there. She had an overwhelming, horrible feeling, and she did not feel better until the minute they left, which they wound up leaving early. To meet her, you would never imagine that something like this would happen to her–so I believe that some people are more sensitive or affected, and I’m not sure if there’s a rhyme or reason either. Happy Halloween!

  • Never knew that Alton was so haunted. After seeing your post and Geeky Lady’s post, I definitely want to do a haunted tour there.

  • Great post. I’m very familiar with Alton and now I want to take a tour! I did take a couple ghost tours in New Orleans and absolutely love that city. My family once lived in a haunted house – loved that house too!

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