6 Nov
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Are you Thankful?

I was in a local resale shop today and actually witnessed a yelling match between two customers in line. The woman thought the man was going to slow and then the man started yelling at the woman to “shut up”. I was shocked! I would never talk to a stranger that way. Of course I didn’t her what she said, but what has happened to kindness and patience?

Then — another man jumped in (not related) and told both of them to shut up!

I put down my wicker sleigh basket and left. The rudeness was unbelieable. I was amazed. Really… are we in that much of a rush that we can be nasty to strangers?

We are so busy and stressed out sometimes we just relax. This is certainly my life. I am busy and stressed most of the time. I can’t stand it!

So – what I am thankful for is my husband! He is the one person in this world that can see when I need a break. He will say “hey why don’t you call a girlfriend and have dinner?” or ” Why don’t you take the weekend and write at a hotel?” HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

My husband is the most supportive man I have ever met. I am grateful every day I spend with him. I think we could all use a little more patience and a lot more understanding of others (me included).

Here is a picture of my hot husband and our new puppy, Rocky. (I’m a lucky lady)

Just another day in the life of a Busy Lady!
Thommy and Rocky


  • What a wonderful husband – so thoughtful.

    Yes, I do sometimes wonder about people and the rudeness. I try to always smile at people regardless of their attitude, but sometimes it’s hard.

    • Thanks — he is pretty awesome :)

      I also agree it is hard to smile when someone is being a jerk, but remember that probably makes them even madder because they can’t bring you down to their level. HA! There you go mean people!

  • That would be so weird. . .I wonder what caused those people to react like that! I think sometimes we get so caught up in the moment, in our stressed out lives that we forget we are all just people. Thanks for reminding us. Can’t wait to meet the puppy!

    • You will love Rocky, he is awesome – and teaching me some major patience!!!

  • I SO hear you, Busy Lady. Because I’m dealing with a teething, crabby baby, my nerves are completely fried. Then I go out in public and I catch myself being angry at other drivers or at people in line in front of me (like the scene you just mentioned…except I wouldn’t actually yell at someone!). When I get all huffy, I think, “Am I really in THAT much of a rush that I’m getting this upset?” Most times, the answer is no. Americans live in the fast lane and we need to calm it down. Good post :)

    • Agree! I need to always remind myself to just slow down sometimes.

  • It is sad to see the rudeness all around us, especially as we get closer to the holidays! I am thankful that I can work at home and my family respects my crazy hours in front of the computer!

    • Janie – I am trying to get to that point of “working from home” it’s my ultimate goal…glad to hear you enjoy it. *watch out for those crazy black friday shoppers…lol* (I’ll be out there)

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