Let’s Talk Successful Self-Publishing with Author Ashley Fontainne

Kindle-Fire-HD-6 ashleyHi all, Camille Faye here. A few weeks ago I presented at a writing conference in the Ozarks where I met a very successful self-published author named Ashley Fontainne. What do I mean by successful? THREE of her books have been optioned to become movies and readers have downloaded hundreds of thousands of copies of her books. Her new book, Blood Ties, just came out so she’ll share some info about that novel along with her super cool giveaway, in which, one lucky winner will…

wait for it, wait for it…

Win a Kindle Fire loaded with lots o’ books. Perfect summer reading supplies, so you will learn more about that later in this post.


But first, here’s some information from Ashley about her success with the self-publishing platform she uses called Pressbooks. Here’s a few reasons Ashley gives for why Pressbooks works for her:

Fantastic Reason No. 1:
The site is FREE to use while you are working and learning, creating your custom masterpiece. You can upload your work and play around with all the options as long as you need to–without paying one single penny. Talk about a test drive! You are handed the keys and get to take the car home!

Fantastic Reason No. 2:

There is no software to download, update or cuss at when it crashes while you are working on your book. Pressbooks.com is an online tool. And, if you happen to be a current user, or at least familiar with, WordPress, then using their site will be a breeze. No need to worry if you have never used WordPress. The Pressbooks site it is quite user friendly.

Fantastic Reason No. 3:

The site has great tools to help you along in your journey of creating custom work. They have a user forum where you can post questions; an online Userguide to study; and even a YouTube channel (which I found extremely helpful!)
Pressbooks has done all the coding for you and even allows you to tweak themes (if you are willing to invest the time to learn how). I started out with the Christie Theme then added my own little fancy twists.

Fantastic Reason No. 4:

The $25.00 fee (or $100, if you decide to do ebook and print) is per book you upload, but get this: you can make changes and export again and again for no charge.


You can read more about Pressbooks at Ashley’s blog, Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman (love that title). Now here’s that info about Ashley’s new release, Blood Ties:

blood ties ashleyBlood Ties

LiAnn Tuck and her daughter, Karina Summers, are settling into their new life, enjoying the small farming community of Sheridan, Arkansas. The slower pace, compared to the craziness of Los Angeles, is a welcome distraction for them both. Taking care of her aging parents and their small farm is just what LiAnn needs to forget her twenty-five-year career as a detective. And Karina’s new love interest brings back the smile she lost from years of undercover work and her cheating ex-boyfriend.

The Bonds

Their idyllic lifestyle changes the minute a family friend, Cecil Pickard, pays a visit. He lives at The Magnolia, an independent living facility in Hot Springs, and believes someone is stealing from him. LiAnn and Karina offer to investigate and suddenly find themselves inside a living nightmare.

Are Permanent

Theft isn’t the only criminal activity taking place inside the historic, stately walls of The Magnolia. Organized crime has infiltrated Hot Springs, and what they’re after is not only money, but life itself. As LiAnn and Karina dig deeper, they might just be digging their own graves.

You can find Blood Ties on Amazon.


Kindle-Fire-HD-6 ashley

In honor of the release of Ashley’s 9th novel, Blood Ties – The Bonds Are Permanent



she is giving away a Kindle Fire HD 6″! Click here to find out how to win.

These books from the following amazing authors will be loaded on that Kindle:

Caught in a Trap– Elaine Raco Chase

Lady Be Bad– Elaine Raco Chase
The Merry-Go-Round– Donna Fasano
Following His Heart– Donna Fasano
The Lie– Ashley Fontainne
Growl– Ashley Fontainne
Empty Shell– Ashley Fontainne
Dead Man Talking– T.M. Simmons
Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I – T. M. Simmons
The Princess and the Huntsman– Patricia Green
The Winner (Romantek Book 1)– Patricia Green
Rescued by the Spy– Patricia Green
Lost and Found– Jeff LaFerney
Jumper– Jeff LaFerney

The Library (Where Life Checks Out)– Carmen DeSousa
Between a Rock and a Mad Woman– Stephanie Queen
The Beachcombers– Stephanie Queen
The Carrot– Virginia Gray
The Search for Bobby McGee– Betty Dravis
Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons– Betty Dravis
1106 Grand Boulevard– Betty Dravis
Belle of Charleston– Jerri D. Hines
Shadows of Magnolia– Jerri D. Hines
Born to be Brothers– Jerri D. Hines
If I Loved You– Jean Joachim
Rescue My Heart– Jean Joachim
Romeo, Romeo– Fran Baker
Nike’s Wings– Valerie Douglas
Under His Spell– Linda Wisdom
The Countess and the Cowboy– Linda Wisdom
Maximum Speed: Pushing the Limit– Joanna Lee Doster

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