28 Aug

Awesome Chairs for Your Derrière

Hi there… I am super busy so this will be a short post. My entire family is coming in town for Labor Day and I am trying to decorate my house. Now – I am a total freak and need to have everything so super cute. I am a Martha Stewart want-to-be…I’ll admit it. So today I will show you how to change old (like 13 ys) chairs into new awesome chairs! I am redoing my kitchen as you have seen in the Barista Post earlier. Well here I have added to the décor with some cute accent chairs.

BEFORE: fine for your butt but not your décor!












Step 1. Paint the chair – I chose Carcoal Grey – it’s the color of my island (you can see it in the background)












Step 2. Fabric – I chose a fabric for my curtains and purchased enough to cover the two chairs too. If using a pattern make sure it’s the same for both seats.










Step 3. Cut and Staple – paying attention to the corners – staple gun is awesome!


























Trim the excess fabric off the backside of the seat.


Step 4. Attach to the chair (same way you took it off)













DONE – super easy and anyone can do it.

Just another day in the life of a Busy Lady…now I have to go and change a poopy diaper…later!


“Life is a roller coaster – I’m just trying not to puke.” – Busy Lady


  • Those are super cute, Busy Lady. Recovering seat cushions like that seems intimidating to me. How long did that take from start to finish? And how do you get the cushions off without ruining the cushion part or scratching the frame?

  • I love all the makeovers you are doing in your house. You could have a show on HGTV. I agree with Sarah–how long did that take? When can i hire you? :)

  • Funny Ladies! It only took like an hour. Most cushions are screwed into the frame, easy to take off. The rest goes fast (or I do) – maybe both. Either way, it’s a pretty easy project.

  • Oh clever, clever. I need to find some cute chairs and try this out.

    • It’s really easy…even ugly chairs can be turned cute if they have the “bones” you like.


  • Beauti-mous :)

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