Baby Boomer Lady

Tricia Sanders, the Baby Boomer Lady here.


I’m the retired one in the group, hence the ummm…  age aspect of what I’ll be writing about.  Also, the main character in my novel is a woman “of a certain age.” So, Cece (my character) and I will share our tips, quandaries, and other interesting ideas with you. Even if you aren’t “of a certain age,” you will be some day.

My company offered an early retirement incentive when I was too young to even consider being retired, but the alternative wasn’t appealing, so I pressed the button and left the building.  I decided it was a great way to do what I’ve always wanted to do, write full time. Hubby retired a year later. So, we’re off and running on the next phase of our life.

Cece’s husband provided the next phase of her life. He left her for a younger woman.  :(

I’ll be writing about the things that scare the hell out of me as I age, the things that take my breath away, and all the great activities on my bucket list. (Like seeing my daughter get married this fall.)

I’ll share my gardening prowess (or sometimes lack of), my DIY ideas (working on daughter’s wedding at the present), vacation  destinations, hobbies and interests(quilting, reading, dieting, photography, traveling). Cece’s interests are currently running toward the likes of a certain police detective. She may or may not share details.

Your ideas, suggestions, and comments are always welcome. So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and join me and the rest of The Lit Ladies for a bit of humor, honesty, humanity, and hair-brainedness. (I know that’s not a word, but whatever!)

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