22 Aug

Barista Busy Lady

I can pretty much do anything but write these days. What is it with procrastination and crafts! I can’t stop myself sometimes. But, cute things happen when I get crafty. Here is my latest project.

I posted, Hiding My Dirty Laundry, using half of an old dining table. Well – I had the other half of that table and wanted to use it. Our new house has a very large kitchen. There was an unused nook and I thought “Wouldn’t that be a great coffee bar/dessert area” and with that I started planning.

Side note: My poor husband – he is such a trooper when I get an “idea” – Love him SO much!

1. Know your color pallet. My Keurig is black, white, mustard yellow with some silver and white accents.

2. Attach table to wall. We had to cut off one of the legs so it would fit the space needed.

Attaching Table to Wall

Attaching Table to Wall

3. Decorate! I went to Old Time Pottery and Good Will, finding gems that I could use. Such as the floating shelf (goodwill $12), the three pictures of sugar, coffee, and tea (Goodwill $2 each), the white cream and sugar containers (Goodwill $2 each), Black iron giant coffee containers with mustard color napkins (Goodwill $3 each), Espresso cups (Old Time Pottery $4.99), K-cup holder (Old Time Pottery $9.99), The ceramic chef holding the welcome bread (Old Time Pottery $12.99), Mustard vase (Old Time Pottery $5), Silver and Glass jars (I had one and bought two at Old Time Pottery for $2.99 each). I had some of the items, like the white coffee mugs, “S” coasters, top sign, sugar dispenser and fake flowers.

Table Decorations

Table Decorations

Floating Shelf Decorations

Floating Shelf Decorations

4. Place items and have fun with it. I moved things around until they looked pleasing to me and still functional.

Arrange and still leave room

Arrange and still leave room

Final Project...Coffee Bar!

Final Project…Coffee Bar!

TaDa – Coffee Bar in a day! The best part…I actually use it!

Just another day in the life of a Busy Lady!


  • I ABSOLUTELY love this. I am thinking about doing something similar some day when we grow up, sell our house, and buy one. :) LOL Very cute. . .

    • Thanks!! Come for coffee anytime!

  • Cute, cute, cute. No wonder you are so busy. Wish I had the decorating gene. I get started but fizzle out before I finish a project.

    • Thanks! BUT – I get to distracted with “projects” and I need to write :)

  • Oh seriously, how cute is that? Clever. I have absolutely no vision beyond “pleasingly functional” in my home, but sure appreciate (and kind of envy?) those who do!

    • Thanks! You can totally copy it…I don’t mind :) Have fun in life…it’s the best and we only have one.

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