Behind the Scenes

One of my bucket list items was crossed off last year when my daughter got married. I had dreamed of this day since she was born, even imaging her future husband and the ceremony. Blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t the ceremony I had imagined, it was better. And he wasn’t the groom I had imagined, he was better. And almost year later I still concur.

Amy and Kevin were married in a small ceremony in Lake Tahoe.  Their friend, Leslie Plesser of Shuttersmack Photography and Design, joined us to be the official wedding photographer.

a and k

This is one of my favorite photographs she took that day. Photo courtesy of Leslie Plesser and Shuttersmack Photography and Design.

I, however, being the brilliant amateur photographer that I am captured the photos behind the photo. Now as a disclaimer, my photos are nowhere near the quality of Leslie’s, but I’m not a professional. So cut me some slack.

Many, many thanks to Leslie and her husband Jamie for taking the time out of their schedule to join us in Lake Tahoe. We were so blessed to have their company and her wonderful photographs as a reminder of Amy and Kevin’s special day.

It looks like an easy picture, right? Bride and groom sitting on a rock formation in the pines. HA!

The photo was taken behind the lodge where we stayed and it had been drizzling all morning. And the location was straight up a muddy path. The rock formation…a precarious slant was also slippery.

IMG_5614 (640x427)

First the hike to get there.

IMG_5616 (640x427)

Now the blanket to keep the clothing dry and clean.

IMG_5617 (640x427)

Can she sit without sliding down the hill?

IMG_5619 (640x427)

He decided to try a different angle.

IMG_5620 (640x427)

Easy does it.

IMG_5621 (640x427)

Thumbs up. Let’s get this photo taken.

IMG_5622 (640x427)

Say cheese and let’s go.

IMG_5625 (640x427)

Help the bride so she doesn’t face plant before the rest of the photos are taken.

IMG_5626 (640x427)

We have to go back the way we came?

IMG_5627 (640x427)

Don’t forget Mom’s wubba.

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  • This is awesome. First of all, your daughter is SO BRAVE, but we already knew that with her recent job move, huh? I can’t believe her dress stayed white during all that. I love that you took those photos. More people should do that. We actually had a professional photographer in Vegas when we got married but at our reception, my friend from college took our photos. He did such an amazing job, and actually some of my favorite photos from the reception in St. Louis were from the little disposable cameras we had on the tables. ALL photos–professional and amateur–work together to remember those memories of the special day.

    • Thanks Margo. Amy is brave. Not sure where she gets that. I know her wanderlust comes from me, but I’m also a big chicken when it comes to trying new stuff.

      When I took these pictures I hadn’t even thought about the behind-the-scenes angle. I just wanted to capture some photos because I was to chicken to make that slippery climb, plus I didn’t want to get my dress or shoes muddy. HA! Believe it or not, Amy’s dress was none the worse.

  • Goodness, I loved this post! Felt like I was right there with you in Tahoe – the most precious memories are those behind the scenes!

    All the messy, cumbersome, frequently frustrating and sometimes scary details that go into building a scene (in a photo or in life!) add texture and color to the memory that makes it “stick” and bonds you together!
    The end-result is a neat and tidy image for the outside world to see. What’s inside that’s true and real – is the wisdom gained from “climbing the mountain!” And you’re stronger for it!

    Keep snapping those behind the scene moments! ~ What a metaphor!

    • Deborah,

      You are so right. Life is not always sleek and beautiful. And sometimes we don’t always see what happens in the background.

  • Although I already knew the story, loved seeing the pictures.

    • Barb,

      Love ya!


  • Love your photo essay! How funny! I’m proud of you for holding your camera still so you could get such good pictures. Beautiful!!

    • Kathy,

      I was laughing so hard it was not easy to hold that camera still. I kept expecting one or all of them to come sliding down that hill on their backsides.

      Thanks for stopping in to take a peek.


  • They say it’s good luck if it’s raining on your wedding day. Luckily no one broke a leg. Sudhagar and I took Big Boy X to Tahoe when he was 2 and we LOVED it. A bit cold when we went, but he loved splashing in the water and there was this cool sparkly sand (maybe from fool’s gold?). The only thing we didn’t like…how expensive food was. We went out for breakfast, got a breakfast burrito and 3 pancakes and it was like $30. 😛

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