11 Jun

Book-Page Chandelier…..What?

Yes, that is right; you can make your very own Book-Page Chandelier like this one. It’s actually very simple and I will walk you through the 7 steps. This one cost me $1. That’s right ONE DOLLAR! What the What?

Here’s how I did it.
First – you will need a “working wreath”. These are commonly used for door wreaths, but turn it and it’s a chandler! You can purchase one at any Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I had this silver one, thus free for me. (woot woot)

Second – Choose your book. I went to my local Goodwill Store and bought The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, for $1. I chose this particular book for several reasons. The pages were nice and thick, they were also a little yellowed which gave an aged look to the chandler. In addition, this was the book my husband and I read on our honeymoon in 2006. Every time I look up at the chandler I think of that time in Mexico. It’s the romantic in me. Just remember…..DO NOT use your favorite book. Step three will show you why.
Third – Tear the book apart. OMG – did I just say that! Okay on any other occasion I would tar and feather you for destroying a perfectly good book, but in this case we are making “Book Art” so it’s ok. Crumble up all the pages. I had my 3 and 6yr old girls help me with this part. They had so much fun.




  *Breath – it’s okay, it’s kind-of fun to rip apart the pages :)*




Fourth – Fold your pages accordion like. Wrap them around the wire wreath and staple. VERY IMPORTANT – Start in the middle of the wreath and work your way out.



Fifth – Fluff it up, scrunch and manhandle your pages until they are to your liking.



Sixth – Add a string of Christmas lights. Make sure you get the ones that won’t burn your house down! We have a millions strings of lights so I found one (where all the lights worked) and stole it from the Christmas decorations.


Seventh – Add some ribbon or string to four sides of the wreath: 12,3,6,9 o’clock and hang.

Ta Da! There you have a perfect addition to your office, reading room, deck or patio. Mine is on my deck, hanging from our gazebo. It’s the perfect place and a great conversational piece.

What book would you use to make your Book-Page Chandelier, and why?


  • This is a very cool, crafty project. That’s fun that you got your girls to help out, too :)

  • I love that your girls helped out. YOU ARE SO CRAFTY! You could probably custom-make these for people in your spare time as another business. . .what book would I use? It’s so hard because you have to destroy the book, but. . .how about Harry Potter 1. I am so thankful I read that series! I wonder if picture books would work–you would have to use several, probably!

    • Ooh! I like the idea of using picture books. Or I bet you could find a coffee table book with colorful illustrations at the goodwill that would work well for this.

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