A Child With Cancer Makes Others’ World Series Dreams Come True

3491630801_25e48f4355_zIt’s been 29 years since the Kansas City Royals have been in the World Series. The last time was 1985–they played and BEAT my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. I have to say, and if you are my Facebook or Twitter friend you know, that I am a bit disappointed this year is not a repeat of that 1985 series, when it could have been. But alas, the Cardinals could not beat the Giants; and so here we are, getting ready tonight to cheer for . .  .


And not just the ROYALS, but the ROYALS with home field advantage. I never thought I would type those words, after recent years of watching the Royals struggle. But all things are possible. Besides this David-team getting ready to slay Goliath, I love the stories that surround a major sporting event–some reporter always digs up a tear jerker here or there, and this World Series is no different.

Last night, on the news, I saw a story about a young Royals fan with cancer, who really wanted to go to a World Series game. Noah Wilson, 6 years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in April, and he has an angel of a neighbor named Ryan Zimmerman. Ryan raised over $10,000 on gofundme.com to buy tickets to game 2 of the World Series, so Noah and his family could attend. Then StubHub (who I love even more now) and the MLB network saw the call for donations and went ahead and DONATED 6 tickets to the game for Noah.  Since Noah’s wish was granted, he decided to use the money raised for him to buy 16 World Series tickets for other children with pediatric cancer. WOW! WOW! WOW!  Did you just get goosebumps? Not for his own medical bills, but to make other kids’ wishes come true.

I know the St. Louis Cardinals will be in the World Series again–maybe even next year, if we get our pitching straightened out. I also hope that my young adult novel, Caught Between Two Curses, can one day come true and help the poor old cursed Chicago Cubbies get to the World Series, too.

But whether your favorite team is there tonight or sitting at home watching, too, maybe we can remember these kids and their families and the generosity that got them there. Maybe it will make all of us yell at the umps a little less and cheer just a little louder. And at our house, we’ll be wearing blue and hoping that the Royals squash the Giants–in the nicest way possible.


By the way, you can still donate to the GOFUNDME campaign for Noah and his family at: http://www.gofundme.com/fwmj28They are trying to raise $15,000.

Photo by Tyler Thompson, www.flickr.com




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