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Clear Orb Dances Through Photos Taken At Mineral Springs Mall in Alton, Illinois

Author Note: This is the second post in a 3-part series about the Haunted Alton Tour organized by Mineral Springs Mall. Click here to read the first post called, “Glowing Orb Caught in Slave Tunnel During Haunted Alton Tour.”

After the Slave Tunnels, we walked back to Mineral Springs Mall. Here, Walter the Barber gave a tour that included the various ghosts who haunt the former hotel-turned-antique-mall, the most famous of those is the Jasmine Lady. In here the light was better, but still not great.

One of the first rooms our tour guide showed us was the former bar area. There are two ghost stories regarding this room. The first story involves the legend of a transient artist. He was rumored to have stayed at the hotel and drank at the bar in the early 1930s. In exchange for his room and board and food, he painted the mural of Alton that’s seen in the below photo. Before finishing it, however, he was found hanging dead from the bar’s ceiling one morning.

Here is a photo of the mural he is rumored to have painted.

An artist is rumored to have painted this mural at Mineral Springs Mall in the early 1930s in exchange for his room and board and booze.

An artist is rumored to have painted this mural at Mineral Springs Mall in the early 1930s in exchange for his room and board and booze.

The second story is that of a poltergeist, of sorts, named Charlie. This ghost, if he likes you, will tug on your hair. He hangs out in a corner of the bar and especially likes to follow girls or women home after the tour. Walter said several people, after taking the tour, claimed to have experienced their hair being pulled once they returned home.

Here is a picture of Charlie’s Corner.

Charlie's Corner

When I looked at the pic in the view finder, I noticed the window caught the room’s reflection and you could clearly see everyone standing behind me and even the painting.

So I snapped a couple more, standing in the same spot, but zooming in closer to the window. Here they are in the order I took them.

Reflection Photo 2

Reflection Photo 3

Reflection Photo 4

I hoped that I’d catch something cool in the reflection that maybe wasn’t visible otherwise and, oh boy, did I catch something spooky. Did you see the clear orb floating in the reflection? It’s in every single photo, but in a different spot. It’s easiest to see in the first and fourth photos, but even though the second and third photos are blurry you can still see it.

(Hint: In the first photo, the orb is between the reflection of my head and the tree. In the second photo, it’s floating near the parking sign. In the third photo, it’s floating just above where it was before. Both of these are not as clear. In the third photo, it’s floating in the tree. The reflection of another tourist is pointing their camera right at it.)

When you consider, I didn’t move while taking these photos – just zoomed in and out – that’s creepy to think something paranormal was floating above my head. It’s fun to think it might have been Charlie’s ghost just waiting to pull my hair…or is it the artist’s ghost floating just where he might have been found the morning after he hung himself?

At first, I thought that maybe, it was a suction cup stuck to the window. I don’t remember anything being stuck to the window, but that could be possible. However, I don’t think that’s right because throughout all four pictures, the orb’s size remains relative to the reflection. If it truly was something on the window, it would have increased in size as I zoomed in on it like the “open” sign did in the left hand part of the window.

What do you guys think? Also, bonus points goes to the person who spots the shadow person in one of the reflection photos.

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P.S. Click here to read last week’s post. The best explanation from last week comes from Danny Williams, the professional photographer who took my wedding photos, who looked at the glowing orb photos and said he believes the orb was caused by a reflection off of my camera lens.


  • I think if Charlie followed me home and pulled my hair I would have to sue the ghost guys in Alton. That is freaky. I see the orb. But I don’t see the “shadow”? No bonus points for me. . .

    • I know a good lawyer… 😉

  • I don’t really see the orbs or the shadow but something has to literally knock me over the head before I see it. And if my hair were pulled? I’b be screaming bloody murder! :-)

    (I took a couple photos on a haunted ghost tour–and there was an orb in one of the photos. This reminded me! I should post that for Halloween, too!)

    • Hi Cathy. Thanks for stopping by. You should post the orb photos. They are always fun to see. The orbs in this photo resemble a clear bubble versus the traditional white orb. Hope that helps!

  • Not sure about the shadow person…the top one on the left it looks like a man with a baseball cap. In the last one on the right it looks like a guy with a beard. Cool pics :)

    • Nice eye, Spirit Lady. The baseball cap guy could be a shadow person…but I don’t know for sure because I think there might be a guy in the tour group whose wearing a baseball cap. There’s another shadow person in the fourth picture. If you draw a line from the outlet to the tree, the line will intersect with the shadow person’s head. To me, it looks like he has a halo around his head. What’s creepy about him, is that he’s actually standing in the part of of the wall…right about where Charlie’s Corner is.

So, what do you think?