Editing…Bah Humbug to Holiday Cheer!

Editing your work can be a difficult task. I find myself too attached to my manuscript to “see” all its flaws. I am blessed to have a wonderful critique group and highly suggest you get yourself into one.


If you haven’t been able to find that right group of fellow authors, there are other options. Our very own Sandwich Lady is a professional Editor (and is quiet amazing if I might say). She has a very special holiday special going on right now! Give yourself the best gift ever and have some help editing that masterpiece manuscript you have been working on. Below are the details from Margo Dill, Editor 911.

Editor 911 special offer, 20% off Editing Services – Get yours before December 31!

I love to Edit! Yes, this might sound odd to many writers who dread the Editing process.  As a multi-published author and longtime Editor, I have found that Editing is the hardest and most demanding part of finishing your writing project.

Why not let me help?

Margo Dill, Editor 911

 “Your Editing Projects are My Emergency”


Editor 911 Credentials: I hold a B.A. in English from Truman State, a M.A.E in elementary education, memoir & children’s and YA novel Editor for High Hill Press, Editor for WOW! Women on Writing, book reviewer for the News Gazette, and 13 years experience in critiquing & Editing fiction and non-fiction.

From Punctuation to Plot Holes – I can help find them all! I specialize in finding those pesky punctuation errors and perfecting YOUR work of art. Collaboration is the key to any good Editor, and that is what you will get with me. We are in this Editing process together!

But, what do you get for your investment with Editor 911?

   1. Grammatical Edit/Proofreading – My work needs punctuation perfection!

  • How a punctuation error can turn a cozy mystery into a zombie apocalypse:

“Let’s eat Grandma”

“Let’s eat, Grandma”

Commas matter!

  • Editing structure, spelling (even Microsoft Word gets it wrong sometimes), syntax, subject-verb agreement, and paragraphing.

Only costs $3.00 per page (10 pages and under)*

Volume discount = $2.00 per page (10+ pages) *


     2. Style Edit – Help I’ve Fallen into a plot hole!

  • Have you ever lost track of that secondary character or had a loose end that didn’t get tied up? I use my Editing skills to find those missing miscreants.

“What happened to John?” …“I think I lost him somewhere in chapter 4.”

  • Editing word usage, sentence structure, general flow, and expert Editor comments on plot and characters

 Only costs $3.00 per page (10 pages and under)*

Volume discount = $2.00 per page (10+ pages) *

    3.  Full Edit – I need you, Editor 911!

  • Are you a first time author or a seasoned one?Editing can be difficult when it’s your own work. I can provide Edits for those masterpieces in the making.
  • This package includes BOTH grammatical Editing and style Editing!

All of the above  for only $5.00 per page (10 pages and under)*

Volume discount = $3.00 (10+ pages)*

 Some of you might be thinking:

“I’m just starting out, and I don’t know if I can afford a ‘real’ editor.”


“When I get an agent/publisher, won’t they edit my work for me?”

You want your manuscript to outshine all the others in the slush pile. Don’t you? Editor 911 can help you get there. We can go as slow or as fast as you need, but you have to take action and book your Editor 911 services today. Let’s start the New Year off right, and get your work to Edited perfection.  I am excited to start our new Editing adventure…together!


Do you need a full document Edited?  Are you are repeat Editor 911 customer? Were you referred by a previous Editor 911 client? Are you a student? Are you a member of Saturday Writers? Are you a member of OWL?  — If you said yes to any of these questions, then there are discounts ready for you!**

 You don’t fit into any of the above? No problem!


Until December 31st you can save 20% on all Editor 911 services.

Huge discount, but only if you act now!

You must book an Editor 911 session by December 31, 2013!

P.S. Editing services book up fast, NaNoWriMo has concluded, and quality Editing is in high demand! I cannot guarantee I will have space for everyone, so it’s imperative you contact me as soon as possible at margo (at) margodill.com.

P.S.S An Editing service gift certificate makes a wonderful holiday present for that aspiring author in your family, a colleague, or a critique partner.

Mention “NEWYEAR2014” for your 20% discount.

 Editor 911 is now accepting personal checks and credit cards through PayPal.

Contract and initial review of material is required before January 31st in order to redeem the NEWYEAR2014 discount.

*Double-spaced page with 12-point font equals approx. 250 words.

**More discount information can be found on my website:

www.margodill.com or e-mail me: Margo (at) MargoDill.com

(Note: no attachments will be opened until contract has been agreed upon.)


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