Feng Shui for Writers (Guest Post by C. Susan Nunn)

Before we can discuss some of the fundamentals of Feng Shui for Writers, we first need to understand Feng Shui. It is the art of placement. That’s it, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  One could say Feng Shui is the art of placing things in your home or office so the energy will filter through unobstructed. Energy (chi) is the key here.  We need free flowing energy, not gushing energy, just a nice flow. Think for a moment about the practice of acupuncture. It is based on the flow of energy, our meridians, as they run through our bodies, like circuits. Then if we damage a knee, for instance, the energy, instead of continuing to flow through the injury, circumvents the injury by going around it and continuing on. In order for this to heal, we need to get the energy to flow back through that injury. That is how acupuncture works. It is the same in our home or office.

There is nothing worse than to be stuck in a stuffy house or room, where everything feels dead. We need vibrancy, and layers of it, so we can work through our words and thoughts, and bring them slowly to the surface, or maybe we should say take them deeper into the depths of creativity. Here are a few short ways to fix that writer’s room up.

First and foremost…CLEAN.  Get rid of all the stuff stacked everywhere. This overloads your circuits, and reminds us of too much work that hasn’t been completed yet. Clutter clogs our pathways, both mental and physical. Only keep what is necessary and things you love. Remember this is your space, a space for creative thought. Give it room to flow. Now that we have the house cleaning out of the way, let’s get started.

Visualize a tic-tac-toe board and mentally place it over your room. This is called a ‘bagua.’ The entrance to your room will always be on one of the three bottom quadrants. Take a measurement of your room and divide the tic-tac-toe board equally. First remember the entrance to your room. Do you enter in the lower left, lower center, or lower right? Whichever place you enter, stand there and then the upper left hand quadrant (gua) is the WEALTH corner of your room. This corner is what you want to stimulate in order to get the finances flowing. I have a fountain here, and it is very important the water flows smoothly, not gushing or your money will gush, and then disappear. You want a steady flow. My fountain is black because black signifies deep, like looking into the darkness of deep water in a lake. I want a deep and steady flow of money. The colors for the ‘gua’ are purples, reds and blues.

feng shui
Now the upper center ‘gua’ is the FAME section. Here the color red needs to be displayed. Get a red frame and frame a great review of your book(s), or whatever you want to be famous or well known for. At the moment, I felt like my fame section had dead energy, so I am rearranging things. Currently, I’m testing out my desk in the fame section, but it doesn’t feel quite right. I have always had an altar there, but even then it didn’t have the power that I felt I needed. Tomorrow I will rework it again.

The upper right ‘gua’ is the relationship corner. This is a powerful corner. It can stand for your relationship with your partner, your children, or your writing. The colors are reds, pinks and whites. For me, it is my relationship to my work. I need to give it a deeper understanding and I feel this section can do it for me. Before I finished my novel, I had a long 8’ table set up which took up a lot of that section, and there I spread out chapter after chapter until I had it under control. Now, I have my reading chair there, as I read and work on my next project.

Now, we are dropping back to the center row. Far left center from where you enter your room is Health and Family. Here is where I set up a small altar for my characters, and let them explore, complain, and come alive. I want this family of characters that I am building to be healthy and strong. The colors here are greens and blues.

Now the middle section of the center row. This is the HEART of your room, and the heart of your work. It needs earth colors, gold and brown. I put a rug on the floor here in these colors, and try to treat it as the crossroads for the characters and my writing. The earth grounds them, and me. It reminds me to stay with my project.

Move on over to the right side of your center row. This is the CREATIVITY AND CHILDREN section. This section is a great place to either set up your desk, or to spread out your writing on a long table, or put up a story board. The colors here are whites and grays.

As we come to the bottom level – one of these will be your entrance into the room. The bottom left is KNOWLEDGE AND SELF CULTIVATION. This can be considered your spiritual section, or that of your characters…but for me, it is my spiritual section, and I put a picture of an awesome mountain scene up on that wall knowing while writing it is like climbing a mountain, and it’s not easy. This mountain reminds me of the path I have chosen and the pitfalls along the way, but to just keep climbing. The colors here are real dark greens and dark blues, moving towards black.

The middle of the bottom row is your CAREER section. Here is a great place for a fountain as well. The color is black for this section. You want a career that is deep…and keep the area clean and the chi moving. When using fountains, don’t let them run dry. I unplug mine at night, and turn them back on each morning.

The last ‘gua’ is the bottom right. This is HELPFUL PEOPLE AND TRAVEL. Here I use a color spectrum from dark grays to black. I have different angels and spiritual guides that I hang in this section, and also pictures of a cougar, as the cougar is in most of my writings.

Always have your desk so that you are facing the entrance to your room. If you are facing a window and find yourself always looking out and daydreaming, put a heavy rock on your desk to ground you. Remember, just move things around and have fun with it. Explore the possibilities.

Song of the EarthC. Susan Nunn is the author of Song of the Earth, a novel recently released and said to be a journey into our consciousness, both as a people and as a nation. She holds an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles, with a dual concentration in Fiction and Creative Non-fiction, and is also a Certified Creative Writing Instructor. If you have any questions about Feng Shui and setting up your writing space, please email her at csusannunn@gmail.com or visit her website:  www.csusannunn.com. Susan lives in Joplin, caring for her elderly father, with her black lab, Harry, as her constant companion.


  • Such a fascinating topic. Thanks for the guest post today, Susan.

  • I completely believe in this, and the clutter thing really hit home for me. I don’t actually have an office now, but when I work at coffee shops, I do better at some then others. I wonder if this h as to do with the decor/ energy flow.

    • That’s a good point. The Panera where I live has this little hidden patio off the back and it is glorious to work there. Birds, a breeze, trees…so relaxing.

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