“Finding Eve” – Book Review

Finding Eve

By Jill Huckelberry
Gay/Lesbian Fiction

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What is Eve’s temptation wasn’t forbidden fruit? What if she fell in love with Adam’s first wife, Lilith, and their love was what provoked God’s wrath?

They bear the brunt of God’s curse upon their forbidden love; lifetime after lifetime, they find one another and fall in love. In the Garden of Eden, He vowed that their souls would be entwined throughout the ages; they would find one another and fall in love, only to be cruelly torn apart again and again.

In the eighteenth century, France is gripped by the turmoil and danger of revolution. In one of Frances’ most violent eras, these two cursed but determined souls cross again. Now known as Anna and Katherine, they step up for their eternal dance with destiny and find themselves ripped apart with Anna’s parents force her into an arranged marriage. Heartbroken, Katherine flees to Paris where she takes work in a brothel and must find a way to thwart a madman’s murderous rampage. But the two women find themselves in each other’s path again and they must break the curse or be pulled apart yet again, only this time it’s life or death.

***** Reader Be Aware: contains sexual content, gay lesbian Fiction, Biblical references****

Busy Lady Review:

I loved this book! It is a quick read at 168 pages, but keeps you thinking for days/weeks later. Anna and Kat meet and hate each other. This brought a great tension level to the book. The love they shared was sweet and true. The author did a wonderful job in writing a controversial book and making it just about love. Although highly focused on female characters, there are some good and bad male characters that I really enjoyed. I want to say, this is NOT a male bashing book (there was one that I wanted to bash – you will have to read it to find out).

The author, Jill Huckelberry, did a fantastic job with the details of 18th century France, I am quite impressed. Her sentence structure was flawless, transitions were great. Reading FINDING EVE, you get to feel both sides of the story. Jill switches point of view with each chapter from Anna to Kat. Each has their own unique voice and it is distinctive. I can tell you how difficult it is to switch point of view and Jill does it seamlessly. I only found one spelling mistake and that is saying a lot! I think in the last NYT Best seller I read there was at least three.

This is a fabulous read for those of you out there with an open heart and open mind. I highly recommend this book.

Author Interview with Jill Huckelberry:

1. What inspired you to write this book?

Jill Huckelberry: I was raised in Southern Illinois in a devout Baptist home. I was born gay, never questioning that fact. However, I was told from the get go that homosexuals were wrong and were undoubtedly going to hell. Scared me to death! But I never could understand why a benevolent God, who had made me the way I was, would punish me for it. I struggled with it for years, then simply gave up on religion altogether. Today I find my spirituality in nature and I’m at peace with who I am. I think religion causes much grief in the LGBT world, especially in our youth. My book conveys my struggles with “God” and the struggles that I felt were forced on my when I was a child.

2. Were you worried about the controversial aspects of the book?

Jill: Yes! I keep waiting for Westboro church to be camped on my lawn! To date I haven’t heard anything negative about my book, but it hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet. My friends and family are very supportive.

3. What amount of research did you need to do for the book?

Jill: Let me just say, I Love Wikipedia! It was a great Cliff note version of the French Revolution. The internet is a wonderful thing!

4. Are you planning on a sequel? If so, when will it release?

Jill: I just finished the rough draft of the second book this weekend. It’s set during the Industrial Revolution around Edinburgh, Scotland. And I did a lot more research on this one. One of the characters poses as a man to work on an actual bridge that was the first steel structure built in Europe. As for the release date, I’m saving up money for it and, as I’m sure you know, the editing process is lengthy and tedious. I’m hoping for late spring.

5. Let’s talk about publishing. Are you self-published? Why did you decide to publish the way you did?

Jill: I published with iUniverse and I don’t think I will do so again. I’ve heard some sketchy things about them after I had already signed with them. I paid a lot of money for a publicist with them that hasn’t really panned out either. I’m currently exploring other options for my next book. If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

Buy your copy here:

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Finding-Eve-Jill-Huckelberry/dp/1491701315

All on the Same Page Bookstore: https://www.allonthesamepagebookstore.com/store/p124/Finding_Eve,_Jill_Huckelberry.html


GoodReads Link: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7240406.Jill_Huckelberry

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I was really stoked I even had time to read a book…lol! I hope you make time for this novel.

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  • Love the premise of this book. It sounds awesome!

    Jill–thank you for sharing your story with us, and I’m sure there are several people/teenagers/tweens out there feeling like you did. You give them hope!!! It is hard to not be comfortable with whom you are ESPECIALLY if your parents are making it seem like you will go to Hell.

    If Westboro does camp on your lawn, imagine your book sales!!!!! :)

    Thank you for also sharing with us that iUniverse was not the best experience. I have heard a lot of great things about people using CreateSpace and Smashwords. I also know that BookBaby has reasonable packages and a good reputation.

    Best of luck to you! Thank you Busy Lady for this review and interview!

  • When you said that you “never could understand why a benevolent God, who had made me the way I was, would punish me for it,” I’m completely with you, Jill, and I’m glad you have found inner peace. Meanwhile, your experience has prepared you to write this book and Busy Lady has been raving about it, so I’ll put it on my reading list.

    I hope the Westboro church does NOT end up on your lawn! But I guess that would be another story to tell…and possibly inspiration for your next book ?? 😉

    The input about iUniverse is very helpful, too. Thanks for coming on the Lit Ladies blog :)

    Much success with your book!

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