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Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Sarah, and I write middle grade and young adult fiction. The above picture shows me in my cubicle at my day job as a marketing associate.

I choose the pen name “Geeky Lady” for our Lit Ladies blog, first, because it best describes all the topics I hope to write about here. More importantly, I chose the name Geeky Lady to make a point.

I believe that in today’s world many girls and women shy away from being labeled a geek. It’s OK for a man to receive the moniker, but for a woman, it still retains negative connotations.

To me, being geeky means that person loves learning new things, is passionate about what she or he does, and is unafraid of being smart.

Through my writing, I hope to eliminate those negative connotations and inspire both women and men to embrace their inner geek. This world needs all the passionate and courageous people it can get.

If this sounds like an interesting journey to you, I hope you will subscribe to the Lit Ladies blog and plan to stop by on Mondays to read my posts. They will address technology, photography, football & sports, writing, news, science, computer games and other topics that make my geeky heart smile.

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