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Gifts for Writers


100_3494Share best gift  you’ve given or received in the comments below. We’d also love to hear what you want Santa to bring you, so share that as well. Who knows, you might help someone decide on the perfect gift for their special writer.

Only 20 shopping days to go until Christmas. Don’t panic! The Lit Ladies put their heads together to help you find the perfect gift for the writer in your family, your writer friend, or anyone else who has a hankering for writerly stuff.

On the Cheap

If saving dough appeals to you, there are many ways to give gifts that won’t cost you a thing except time. May we suggest a coupon book with guilt-free coupons? Ideas for the coupons might include:

1. An evening of babysitting

2. Cooking dinner

3. Laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away

4. A day of house cleaning

5. Ability to pass on a family event (no one likes to go to Aunt Susie’s anyway.)

6. How about a spousal or significant other back rub and/or massage that doesn’t lead to you-know-what? Or if the writer is a man, if could lead to you-know-what.

7. A batching-it night where you eat canned soup or whatever you can dig out of the fridge? The key is simple—no prep or thought required.

8. For the man writer, a free pass for lawn mowing or grass trimming.

9. For  parent writers, kids could offer up a free pass for cleaning their rooms without Mom or Dad having to nag.

10. Or catching a ride to a sports/after school event with a friend, so Mom or Dad can have the evening to write.

11. A coupon for a quiet evening of playing in their room and letting Mom or Dad have uninterrupted office time.

The possibilities are endless. And the guilt-free part—letting the writer use the coupon without feeling guilty. In return, the writer will not criticize how the room is cleaned, the laundry is folded, or how the dishwasher is loaded. And said writer promises to go to Aunt Susie’s the very next time she holds a family get together without grumbling. Not much anyway.

Money Speaks

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, most writers love office supplies or techie gifts.

1. Flash drives

2. iPad or tablet

3. Printer paper and ink

4. Office supplies

5. Sticky notes

6. A gift card to Office Max/Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, or Amazon

7. An iTunes gift card.

8. Gift cards to Panera or the local Wi-Fi coffee shop hangout

9. A gift card to a nice restaurant for an evening out

10. A gift card for a spa day

11. Tickets to a favorite sporting event.

12. Hiring a copy editor or proofreader

13. A writing conference or workshop Check with the conference or workshop organizer and see if it’s possible to purchase a gift certificate for said event. Check out WOW!, OWFI’s annual conference, Margie Lawson’s Writer’s Academy, West Texas Writing Academy. Or Google writing conference or writing workshop.

14. For mystery writers, there’s Sisters-in-Crime and Killer Nashville.

15. For romance writers, check out Romance Writers of America.

16. For humor writers, there the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop.

17. Membership to a local writer’s group

18. Books!

19. Chocolate

20. Did I mention chocolate?

21. Wine (the liquid kind, not the whiny kind)


100_2554 (2)

Don’t Forget Writer Loot

There are any number of websites to purchase:

1. Motivational posters

2. T-shirts and sweatshirts (we like to be comfy)

3. Coffee mugs or wine glasses

4. Laptop bags/sleeves

5. Spare laptop battery

Check out CafePress, Zazzle, Writers Store, Etsy, and The Literary Gift Company. My personal favorite is a Do Not Disturb sign for the office door.


A Unique Gift for your Writer

At some point the writer in your life will need a professional photo. Hiring a photographer for a photo shoot for your favorite writer would be a great gift.

Now get busy, there’s still only 20 shopping days left until Christmas. Oh, and don’t forget to leave us a comment about your favorite gift or what you want Santa to bring you.

Happy Holidays!

Tricia (Baby Boomer Lady)



  • A massage tops my list! Great job highlighting specific gifts for men and women, Tricia. I’m forwarding this to hubby right now!

  • hire someone to clean my house…heavy duty cleaning with windows!

    • Barb,
      Sounds good to me. Especially the windows part. Blech!


  • This is a great post. I was also thinking this morning: write a review for an author’s book and/or feature them on your blog without the author having to beg. :)

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