Haunted New Orleans

Haunted History Tours in New Orleans are a fun way to learn some history and get your bearings in the French Quarter. These walking tours are twenty-five bucks per person, but search the Internet for coupons because I found one for $3 off per person. You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s twenty plus bucks I could spend on Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s.” True. But for that price, you get two hours of amazing (hi)storytelling about famous buildings in the French Quarter. Plus, if you’re a ghost hunter, the tour guides point out hot spots of orbs, ectoplasms, and apparitions. The picture to the right shows a hallway at a restaurant on Jackson Square, Muriel’s Bistro, that used to be the hallway where slaves walked on their way to being sold on the square. Additionally, the building was inhabited by Catholic nuns who hang around to bless everything from your food to your napkin to your bracelet until you say “Thank you, sister,” then the nun will disappear. In the photo below, I snapped a couple of orbs at the LaLaurie Mansion, a house with a grisly history involving torture experiments performed by Madame LaLaurie in the early 1800s. On the Haunted History Tour, the guides love to share personal haunted experiences that they have had themselves in this city of other-worldly activity. If you like scary stories, you will not be disappointed.

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My novel, Voodoo Butterfly, features New Orleans and the LaLaurie Mansion plays an important part in the plot.

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  • That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to go on a ghost tour somewhere, my dad and I were considering doing one at the old Missouri State Penitentiary where they let you walk around in the dark by yourself with a flashlight, a map, and a voice recorder. This sounds really cool, though, New Orleans would be a great place for ghost tours. Love the pictures and the stories, especially about the nuns, that’s super cool :)

    • Would LOVE to do the MO State Penitentiary tour. Maybe we could do a Lit Lady retreat in Jeff City and make a stop :)

  • I’ve been on a tour like this in New Orleans, and it came with one drink at some pirate bar. It was a really fun time! :) Our guide was dressed like a Victorian vampire hunter and had this strange accent–I highly recommend this tour to everyone who goes to New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world!

    • If it’s the pirate bar I’m thinking of, that’s the inspiration for the bar that Sophie and Poppy like to go to in my book :)

  • I want to go!! Oh – have you seen American Horror Story – The Coven? It’s set in New Orleans and it has Madame LaLaurie! You have to watch it.

    • Busy Lady–you’ve never been to New Orleans? We should find a writing conference there. . .

      • This is a great idea. We all need to help Spirit Lady with her research – especially those hurricanes at that pirate bar.

    • No! I’ve seen American Horror Story (with the creepy old house in LA), but I guess they made an off-shoot. I’ll look for that one on Netflix. Yeah, maybe a writing conference would be good in NOLA. For more “research.”

  • We did a haunted tour in New Orleans years ago! Loved it! It was a lot of fun and the guides are really into it. I know the tour company we went with was selling a book, too. I bought it for my husband. Lots of fun and great into.

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