17 Jul
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Hog Farm Princess?

You can take the pig off the farm but not the tierra!

You can take the pig off the farm but not the Tiara!

I am not afraid to admit it – I wore a white sundress and cute heals to a Hog farm. Giant mistake! In my defense I had no idea where we were going. My husband said “it’s a farm”. “Farm” can have multiple meaning to different people. My mom and dad have a ‘farm” but it’s a sweet 150 year old white farmhouse with a pool, pond, horses, and a few chickens – not a real-deal working farm – farm.

The last minute event was a family reunion. We hadn’t seen that side of the family for years, so of course I wanted to dress nice and present the kids well. The two little girls downed their sweet matching dresses including hair done up in pigtails and bows, finishing touch, new white shoes. (Yes more white).

Driving to the reunion, my husband shares the directions with me. Take K to Y and then the second gravel drive on the right and the second shack on the left. SHACK? Hold on a moment, we were heading to a shack? Oh dear lord, where were we going? A city girl, but a country kid, I knew my way around a farm. But, I was in for a shock.

We found the gravel road without peril and started up the drive. Shack number one – wasn’t a shack at all – it was a huge metal barn/storage facility. I could see large silver silo’s behind the shack and a long building (which ended up being the hog house). The second shack came into view and the both of us were like deer in a headlight. Completely not expecting an actual working farm, we were stunned.

We parked and proceeded to gather our kids and cooler. My husband had brought a few beers and I brought a bottle of wine. I even packed my own wine glass and bottle opener (trying to be prepared). Of course I was wearing wedge healed white sandals. Navigating the gravel was a challenge, but I soon found my footing. My white sundress, matching necklace and earrings were topped off with white rhinestone sunglasses. I was looking cute, but not farm-ready that was for sure.

Opening the door, I let my husband and girls go in first. Yes – every eye was on me. Even through my blush I felt my face redden.  Luckily my kids are cute and I could throw some of the attention on them. Feeling very overdressed and worried that the family I didn’t know was going to think I was some princess, I quickly opened my wine. And the staring continued. Who brings wine to a hog farm? Only me! That must have been the fastest I have ever drank a bottle of wine. Honestly I just wanted to finish it and hide the wine glass back in my purse.

The wine did the trick and a little “social lubricate” was all I needed to start talking. I made sure they knew I wasn’t stuck up. We talked about the farm, family, a doll collection on of the great aunts had and many other fun topics.

Farm fun continued when the guys and kids were taking rides on the four wheelers and golf carts. There was plenty to see on the 1,000 acre farm, from 2000 hogs, to 7 ponds, it was a wonderland of country living. Feeling quiet daring, I jumped on the back of a four wheeler. My husband was driving and off we went. Down dirt roads, through small creeks, across tall grass, we flew through the trails. My white dress flapping in the wind wasn’t quiet white when we returned. I had dirt in my teeth from grinning so much. It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again. Next time though, my boots and jeans will be the proper attire, but I might still wear my rhinestone sunglasses. Sometimes you just can’t take the sparkle out of a girl.

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    This cracked me up! :) I can see you in this white dress on a hog farm. I always think it is important to be unique in everything you do, and you have to do something to stand out in a family! :) Thanks for sharing your funny story with us all.

    • By the way … that white dress was a mess, the stains didn’t come out :( oh well it was worth the fun!

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