I’m Beat (Oh AND Winner Announced)

KB first day of preschool

KB first day of preschool

I’m beat. Hence the title of this blog post. I suppose we all feel like this sometimes, so hopefully you’ll be nodding your head along with me, and maybe even share a little of your own story below. This is not what I had planned to blog about today. I had been preparing all week to post about my first serious Sandwich Generation (SG) topic–guilt. The guilt I’m talking about comes at you from both sides when you’re a part of SG–it is guilt over having to choose between your young child or your parents who are ill and need you. It is guilt over not being enough for either. However, I am so beat I don’t feel as if I can do that topic the justice it deserves, and so I hope to do that NEXT week.

In a moment or two, I will share with you the winner of Time Files by Claire Cook. We appreciate EVERYONE who participated. We also want to welcome our new subscribers. Thank you for taking the time to subscribe to our blog.

So the winner is. . . Amy A. We just e-mailed you from our Lit Ladies g-mail account.

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I’ll end with why I think I’m so beat–it’s change and transition (and not enough sleep because I am a full-time mom/wife, trying to also be a full-time writer). But mostly it’s change and transition. My daughter started preschool today. She did not want to go, although after it was over she told Grandma and Grandpa, “It was fun.” Her tantrums, as we near three-years-old, are becoming louder and longer and more intense. I try to practice love and logic and not engage, but goodness sakes, sometimes, I lose my temper–like today when the tantrum started at the top of the McDonald’s Playland, and she would not come down. Yes, I had to climb up in a skirt and drag her out of there, into the car without her shoes on. . .and it all started because she ordered apple juice, instead of chocolate milk. Then when I bought her apple juice, and she finished it, she wanted chocolate milk. I said, “No.” Go figure.

We are also about to put the toddler bed away, bring the twin bed up from the basement, and start a new bedtime routine when the Minnie Mouse comforter and sheets arrive from Target.com this week. She’ll be 3 in October. It’s time–she’s probably more ready than I am. And her naps, well, they need to be shorter, or she has trouble going to sleep at night, which is when I need to work, so I need to stop whining about all this now, and actually go wake her up.

As I said, I’m beat. Are you? Love to hear from you! :)

Once again, congrats Amy!


  • Sounds like you’re pretty “Busy” :) Being a mom is a tough job! Katie is great, you are a wonderful mom. But seriously – sometimes everyone needs a timeout….even moms! So meet a girlfriend, grab a wine, and gossip about Miley! Katie’s tantrum isn’t anything as bad as what she did! At least you’re not her mom! Silver lining…HA!

    • No doubt. :) If KB ever dresses up in a cat suit and twerks with Robin Thicke, that will be it. . .

  • I had to go to the top of a playland once to get my then 2-year-old cousin, not because of a tantrum, but because he was scared to come down. They are NOT built for adults by any means, and I struggled enough getting in and out with a relatively calm child…and I’m pretty sure I was in shorts or jeans. So more power to you for doing it in a skirt and with a child pitching a fit! I would love to hope for you that this, too, shall pass…and, just think of all the great stories you have to tell! Hang in there, and remember we all love you!! :)

    • Yes, and I will tell them all in front of as many of her friends as possible. When we got in the car, I told her. “You have to remember–I am in charge. I am the boss.” I’m even laughing right now as I’m remembering and typing this. :)

  • Oh man, you know I am not going to be any help….I remember those days. The McDonald tantrum, the trying my heart out to be the one in charge, the exhaustion. I wish I could say it gets easier….but I would be lying. Hang in there! :)

    • Right, Cinda, I know. There’s a book I read one time titled: “It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers!” HA! There is such joy in this stage, too–when she loves something, she LOVES it. Her excitement is contagious. But when she is unhappy, there’s no hiding it.

  • First…so happy to have won!! Second, the SG is so relateable…some days you feel like you can’t win and you want to be all and do all for everyone. Exhausting! When I feel like that I slow down and do the best I can and let the rest go…if no one is harmed it’ll blow over.

    • Congrats Amy!!! Please let us know what you think of the book – I am sure you will love it.

    • Thanks, Amy! You are right. You can only do the best you can–then deal with your own feelings and be realistic. Luckily, when I complain and whine to my husband, he asks the questions that need to be asked like “Well, what else could you do?” It makes me mad, but he’s right. :) (DON’T TELL HIM I SAID THAT!)

  • Yay for the winners! Yeah, beat. Sometimes life does that, especially when my old-lady inner alarm clock doesn’t take nocturnal cues! 😉

    • Ah, yes, the I’m-so-tired-but-can’t-seem-to-sleep syndrome. It happens to me about once a week! :)

  • LOL! Not about the guilt… But I could totally envision you shimmy-ing up the Playland slide and dragging a kicking and screaming toddler daughter back down with you. Guilt and sleep deprivation. Not a good combination. My Rx for you: sleep in one morning this weekend if you can…or go take a nap at Busy Lady’s write-cation.

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