Let’s Talk Bucket Lists

Or….what do you really want to do when you grow up?


I’ve never really thought much about what I want to do before I permanently check out. Until recently. I’m not getting any younger and another decade is rapidly approaching. Also a good friend (who has always been the picture of health) had a recent health scare. A couple of other friends are having back surgery, knee surgery and various other parts of their bodies fixed and reassembled. Me, I’ve been pretty lucky with my health. But you just never know when the old ticker is going to tick for the last time. Not to mention I haven’t always treated myself to a healthy lifestyle.

So, all of the above started me thinking. I’ve experienced a lot in my XX years on this planet, but there’s still so much I haven’t done. I’ve never been to Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, or Australia. Never been to the Arctic or Antarctica either. Exploring is a big part of my life. I’ve traveled to all of the Canadian provinces including the Yukon.  And just this month I scratched off Oregon on my list of places to visit. That makes 50 states, and I’ve been in everyone. I’ve also traveled to the British West Indies, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

100_1369Me in Vancouver. Heading to Alaska!

Another key ingredient for me is baseball. Specifically Cardinal baseball. I’ve been in Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals win the last two pennants. The last time with my daughter. And WOWZER, hoping to witness another pennant this year. Go Cards! What an amazing feeling! I’ve never been to Spring Training or watched the Cardinals play in another stadium (an exhibition game in Minneapolis doesn’t count.)

CardinalsCardinals take the pennant – 2011

Thirty-four years ago I birthed a child and have watched her grow into a remarkable woman with an amazing career. I recently watched her marry her soul mate. I am truly blessed and pinch myself daily to make sure I’m not dreaming.

kevandamyThe Wedding  (more on this subject later)

But holy moly, there’s still a bunch of stuff I want to do. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be compiling my bucket list which I’ll be sharing. I have some lofty goals, but I also have some really common things I’ve never experienced.


In the meantime, given your circumstances, what’s on your bucket list?

What are the things that you have the means and opportunity and the burning desire to do? I’m not talking about “If money were no object” kind of things. I’m talking about stuff you could do if you took the time, made the arrangements, and just went out on a limb and committed.


Cece says, “Bucket list? I’m just trying to get by for now. Who’s got time to figure out what they want to do next week? I need a job, or a pile of money. Oh, if someone could send my ex-husband and his mother to another planet my prayers would be answered. I’ll think about bucket lists tomorrow or the next day. Or when Phillip is on Mars.”


  • For some reason, a bucket list scares me. Is it the name? I’m not sure. But I think a couple things I really want to do: 1. go to Europe 2. Go to Grand Canyon 3. Go to Seattle. I would love a bestseller but this is beyond my control . . 😉

    Now what is on CeCe’s bucket list?

    • Not scary to me, but there are things I want to do and I don’t want to get to a point where I can’t do them and then regret it later.

      Europe is on my list too. And the best seller…and silly that is in our control. We have to write them so EVERYONE will want to read them.

  • I’d love to buy a “tiny house” and travel around the country for a year. I swear I must be part gypsy.

    • Not sure about the “tiny house’ but I suppose it would limit my “collecting”. I love the idea of traveling around the country for a year. Though, I tend to get homesick after about 3 weeks.

  • The biggest item on my bucket list is climbing Mt. Everest. Another item, publishing my first book, is about to come to fruition.

    • Mount Everest sounds like fun. My SIL almost talked me into Mt. Kenya (I think that’s what it was or at least it’s in Kenya) but I came to my senses.

      Congrats on publishing your first book. What a great accomplishment!

  • You are so adventurous. And inspiring. I know some women in their 40s or 50s who act like their lives are over. I hope when I’m 80, I’m still out there on adventures.

    • Spirit Lady I’m hoping to be adventuring when I’m 80 too.

So, what do you think?