Listen to Your Gut

Magic House sans fit (a year ago)

Magic House sans fit (a year ago)

This morning on Facebook, one of my dear friends shared some distress at her house. Her 3-week-old baby was crying it out, which is what her pediatrician had recommended. She was having trouble with it, of course, and so she asked her FB friends for some advice. One of the best pieces she got was. .. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT–you know what is right for your child, you, and your family.

I couldn’t agree more.

This is not a post about whether or not you should or should not try CRY IT OUT with your child. I’ve written about that topic before here. But it’s about being a part of the Sandwich Generation and listening to your gut–with your children and your parents. Here are some recent examples in my own life:

  • Everyone got a cold around the 1st of October. My stepson had caught a cold at school, and the rest of us got it, too. We had a couple days where we felt miserable, but then we quickly recovered–except for my mom. She kept coughing and coughing and coughing. One day, I decided I would say something to her about it, even though it is really none of my business. . . but I said, “Maybe you should go to the doctor. That cough sounds terrible. What if you have bronchitis again?” She said, “You are right.” (Yes, this does happen sometimes.) And she went to the doctor and had . . .bronchitis. She got on medicine immediately, which was a good thing because we were getting ready to go on a trip.
  • We had friends in from out of town, and KB had missed her nap on the first day they were here. She had also had preschool that morning, and so she was exhausted right before dinner time–she threw a total-kicking-screaming-crying fit. The next day, we wanted to take the kids to the Magic House, and we were trying to hurry up and get there and have fun BEFORE nap. Well, one thing led to another, and it would have been almost 1:00 before we STARTED the Magic House, which would have meant no nap. I called my friend and said, “We should have the kids take naps before we go, even though we’ll be going later.” She agreed, and we had a magically good time.
  • This one actually happened about 10-11 years ago now, but I thought some of you might NEED TO KNOW THIS: My mom was traveling for work before she retired and was sitting on a plane waiting for some mechanical issue to be fixed. All of a sudden, she felt REALLY bad and got sick. Luckily, they couldn’t take off in the plane and made everyone get off. She still felt bad, so the EMTs came to the gate. They checked her out and said that she seemed fine–maybe she just had food poisoning. She didn’t feel any of other other “regular” symptoms of a heart attack. But the trip wound up being canceled, and she went home. She felt worse and worse and worse. Finally at 1:00 am, she went to the emergency room, where it was discovered she had a heart attack. Thank God, she FINALLY listened to her gut and went to the hospital.

Whether you are a parent of a newborn, toddler, or teenager OR you are helping your retired parents in whatever way you can, you have instincts. It is wonderful to be educated and listen to what experts and doctors say. But in today’s society, there is really not a RIGHT OR WRONG way to do most things. Your gut and your instinct is just about always right–so if something you are doing feels really wrong, don’t do it. Talk it over with loved ones, take professional opinions into consideration, but ultimately–listen to your gut! We would love it if you shared a time you listened to your gut!

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So, what do you think?