11 Sep

Making Time to Write

As a Busy Lady I have little time to write. With three kids; a sophomore in High School, a Kindergartener and a 3 yr. old, my time is limited already. Add in my full-time day job and my second business I own, I have less and less time to write.

So where do I find time? I have learned that I cannot write when the kids are home. It’s too distracting. Even though we have a designated office with French doors, they find a way in. It’s not just them; I want to be around too. So I have had to come up with some other avenues and you may have to also.

This past weekend I took my very first Writcation. What is a Writecation? It’s a vacation just to write.


I was smart about the location of my Writecation. I chose a location where my current novel is set (Grafton IL), found a haunted little hotel. Little did I know the room didn’t have a phone and my cell phone didn’t work either, I had no contact with the outside world, except for Facebook. It was a blessing. Being “off the grid” helped me concentrate. My room was small with only a full size bed and tiny bathroom. There was a refrigerator and a large deck that overlooked the Missouri River. It was lovely and very inspirational. I stayed at The Reubel Hotel in Graton IL.

Stairs to my room

Stairs to my room

Hotel...with creepy little girl photos!

Hotel…with creepy little girl photos!

My Room...tiny but mighty

My Room…tiny but mighty

The view! Totally worth it!

The view! Totally worth it!


I brought with me the writers necessities: Diet Coke, chips and dip, Lunchables, fruit, hummus and water. I know myself, so I only packed pajamas! I figured, if I didn’t have any other clothes I wouldn’t be tempted to walk around the quaint town and spend hours looking in shops and antique stores. It Worked! I only left the room once (and that was for more coffee).















I was able to write a good 9,000 words, less than I wanted, but more than I could of at home. Not only was I able to get words down, but it refueled my passion for the book and the love of my characters, which to me is worth every cent I spent. Side note: all of my expenses are tax deductible.

I know all of you don’t have a husband that would watch your kids all weekend or funds to take a trip. There are other ways to make your own mini-Writecation. If you are as busy as I am, you will have to schedule time and pray your muse is ready when you are. Plan ahead – know what you want to accomplish, set aside time and energy…then do it!

Places to go:
-The public library
-Coffee Shop/Restaurant/Bar
-Book Store
-College Campus
-Outside, if it’s a nice day
-A friend’s house (if they are out of town)

Just Write!

Just Write!










Anywhere will work as long as you reduce your distractions and keep to your plan. We have to make our writing a priority or it will never get done. Just like eating and sleeping, we writers can’t live without writing.

Just another day in the life of a Busy Lady

How do you make time to write?




  • Oh yes, sometimes you just have to get out to get serious writing done. I am trying to plan for a writer’s retreat weekend next month and hoping it works out. This goes along perfectly with today’s thought on WOW’s The Muffin blog about eliminating distractions. Maybe the Creative Source is trying to tell me something…

    • It was the best! My husband is so amazing he said “if you need to do this every month – just plan it out”….ummmm THANK YOU HUBBY!

  • Great post, writecations are always nice :) I’ve been trying to make Sunday afternoon between church and youth-group my writing time. No homework, no spending time with friends, no scheduling other obligations– just words :) Glad you made good progress on your novel!

    • You can do it…I know how fast you write :)

  • I like your ideas for a mini-writecation. That gave me some good ideas.

    I am currently cleaning out everything we own (HA!) and going to try to get that itty bitty room in the basement of this house in shape for the winter and for writing.

    I’m thinking about trying to do NaNoWriMo and write a sequel to books I have published and I would probably need a writecation to get a good head start on the word count.

    I am rambling.

    I am glad I didn’t notice the little girl photos when we were there for critique group!

  • Love it, Busy Lady. That deck looks amazing…very inspirational. :)

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