Meet the Lit Ladies

The Literary Ladies Critique Group started in 2011 with five ladies from the St. Louis metro areas as a multi-genre, novel critique group. The group’s name comes from the book of the same title. We range in age from teenager, to married with cats, married with kids, to retired. We write for children/teens AND for women.

Meet the Children and YA Lit Ladies

Grace Malinee (Little Lady) is trying to survive her freshman year of college, while she also pens marvelous young adult manuscripts–fantasy and contemporary.  (Posts on Sundays!)

Sarah J. Whitney (Geeky Lady) works in marketing at a local law firm by day. By night, she is a wife and pet mommy and writing wonderful manuscripts–both middle grade (contemporary) and young adult (fantasy). (Posts on Mondays)

Margo L. Dill (Sandwich Lady) is the author of the middle-grade historical fiction novel, Finding My Place, and the contemporary light paranormal novel, Caught Between Two Curses. She has two picture books under contract.  She is an editor, wife, step-mom, mom and dog mom! (Posts on Tuesdays)

Meet the Lit Ladies who write for women

Brandi Schmidt (AKA Elle Sharp and Busy Lady) is the author of the paranormal romance, The Kindling, which is book one in a trilogy. She is also working on a rather steamy paranormal book, which may keep you up at night! She is a wife, mom of three, and dog mom, too! Oh, and an engineer who works full time.  (Posts on Wednesdays)

Camille Faye (Spirit Lady) is the author of the award-winning paranormal romance/women’s fiction novel, Voodoo Butterfly, book one of a series set in the world of New Orleans voodoo. Camille is a wife, mother of two, and world traveler! (Posts on Thursdays)

Tricia Sanders (Baby Boomer Lady) participated in NaNoWriMo for several years and now has a terrific, funny mystery series with a main character women can really get behind. Wait til you meet CeCe Cavanaugh! She is also a wife (of a retired police officer), a mother, and a retired tech writer. (Posts on Fridays)

How a Novel Critique Group Works

The Lit Ladies meet every two weeks or so for three hours. The ladies whose turn it is to submit electronically send 20-30 pages to the group a week before the meeting. Then, everyone brings their feedback on those pages – electronically or printed – to the meeting. Each lady gets 30-45 minutes of time when the group members review her pages. Line edits are never reviewed. Instead, in-depth feedback regarding character building, dialogue, pacing, plot, POV, and more is covered.

A different lady each week brings dinner. The first half hour is spent eating and visiting. This blog has grown out of that time. We found we had so much to share regarding our own writing experiences that we wanted to share them with you.

Please take a few minutes and get to know us by clicking on the links below. We can’t wait to meet you and hope you will enjoy your time on our Lit Ladies blog.

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