Millie Fierce Sleeps Out (A Review)

millie fierce sleeps outAs you’ve probably figured out, I’m into talking about strong women, girls being unique, speaking up for what’s right and helping out in the world. And we might as well start teaching our kids–girls and boys–about this at a young age. So, here’s a super, cute picture book that will do just that! Millie Fierce Sleeps Out by Jane Manning has vibrant illustrations and a storyline full of events that kids can relate to. Kids and adults will be cheering Millie as they read what happens to her during a camp out in her back yard.

Millie is strong and she can be fierce. Sometimes, it’s hard for her to keep her fierceness in check. She invites her friends over for a backyard sleepout, but they don’t do everything just the way she wants. They aren’t quite as fierce as she is, but she manages to “bite her tongue” :) and keep her fierceness to herself. She does not want to ruin the sleepout!

But like all good stories, this one has that incident that Millie can not ignore. And this comes in the form of a next-door neighbor’s pug who DOES NOT want to leave the girls alone. SO what does Millie do? She finds her inner fierceness, and she stands up to that pug and doesn’t let him ruin her sleepout.

Look for this new picture book which your children and you! are sure to love. Millie is a character you can really get behind, and let’s hope she and her fierceness show up in a sequel. :)


So, what do you think?