The Most Haunted Home in the US: The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation–Trip 1

In May 2008, my mom, Linda, and my two sisters took a trip to New Orleans. On their way home they decided to stay a night at the most haunted house in the US, The Myrtles Plantation. My sister, Celeste, was so scared that they left The Myrtles in the early hours of the morning to stay at a hotel down the road. Here are mom’s notes about their experiences.

Celeste and I tried to rest in our room while it was still daylight. We started hearing knocking on the walls. It bothered Celeste so much she went outside to sit on the front porch. She came in at once and asked me what I wanted. She said I had called out her name. But I had not. This happened to Celeste alot during our stay at the Myrtles. She came up to me several times asking if I had called her name out.

By day, The Myrtles is a beautiful, charming house that is a bit tarnished and worn around the edges by time and all that it has been through. Night gradually took over and chased away all of my romantic notions. The happy-go-lucky frogs in the charming pond by the house turned into harbingers of ghosts and goblins screeching at us from a swampy bog of doom. As the night wore on, the frogs added to the strange atmosphere of this place.

11:00pm–Most of the guests were sitting on the back porch visiting with one another. One lady was looking over my shoulder into the entry hall. She pointed towards the door and said, “Do you see that!” I turned around and saw something move on the steps. The lady was so frightened she couldn’t move. I got up and went to the door. I kept seeing a man crawling up the steps , 2/3 of the way up, he stopped and it repeated again from the bottom step. It did this 3 times. We could see the only three people who had a key to those rooms, so it was not any of them. I went to grab my camera and when I returned, the “man” was gone.

The next day, on the tour, we learned about one of the owners who had been shot when he opened the door. The man had crawled up to the 17th stair (the same step where the apparition stopped) before dying.

After everyone settled down, all the guests settled back into their rockers on the porch. Suddenly, I felt my left earring coming out of my ear and drop down into the front of my shirt. I could not find the earring back anywhere. I had a funny feeling that something wasn’t right about what had just happen, so I decided to ask one of the ladies, who was very familiar with the stories surrounding The Myrtles. Earlier, I had asked them not to tell us any of the stories, so as not to influence our own experiences there that night. But I just had to know about my earring. She told me about Chloe, the slave who had her ear cut off by her master for eavesdropping. Chloe likes to remove only one of your earrings if she likes it. All of a sudden something dropped down in front of my face, between my eyes, past my nose and down the front of my shirt. It was the back of my earring! It did not roll down my neck, it fell out of thin air from somewhere above and in front of my face. 

12:30am. It suddenly became very quiet (even the frogs). Then, we all heard a woman screaming between the house and the Caretakers Cottage (where I am pointing). And yes, that is where our room was. It just wasn’t any screaming, it was a gurgling, anguished scream full of misery.

About an hour later, Celeste started talking softly and pointing towards the courtyard. She was asking if it was daylight and who were those people. Celeste described to us what she was seeing. She saw a mother and father and their 2 daughters. There was a black man sitting in a rocking chair by a building to the side. She described them to us and what they were doing. I looked down at my feet at a cat that was standing perfectly still, looking in the direction Celeste was pointing to. (The next day I found out that the staff watches the cats’ behavior because they will see things before people are aware of the ghosts.)

I got the orb below in December 2008 when we returned to The Myrtles (look for future post on that trip). It appears in the same area Celeste saw the apparition.
Celeste described people in clothes from the 1920s (?). They were eating and then the young teen girl got up and walked over to the fountain and started playing in the water. The black man sat smiling at the family while rocking in his chair. Then, Celeste said it faded away.

After everything that happened, Celeste was much too frightened to stay the night, so we drove down the road and stayed at a Quality Inn.


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  • Wow. That is a lot of paranormal activity for such a short stay. That is spookily awesome, though. Cool post, Camille.

  • I didn’t go on this trip, and they definitely had a lot more experiences. Next week I’ll tell you about what happened to me. I just love this time of year!!

  • Holy cow! Your mom should write ghost stories–she is good at description. YOUR POOR SISTER!!!! I have to process all of this but it just freaks me out. I have never had a paranormal experience, and I am glad. For example, I feel so sorry for that man shot (although maybe he deserved it?) but now for all of eternity he can only make it up to the 17th step? UGH! AWFUL! I hope I have lived a good life and won’t have a tragic death and not do any haunting. I wonder about places like the WTC or Oklahoma bombing where so many people tragically died and now they’ve made memorials there. How about Lemp Mansion? Interesting and great topic!

    • I know! My mom is “Brave Lady” (like Busy Lady says below). Mom said there was lots of liquid courage being passed around on the porch by the people staying at the Myrtles. There’s a video of a ghost in the wreckage of the tornado in Joplin and it’s eerie. Not sure if the video’s a fake, but it does make me sad that some people might be “stuck” here.

  • I LOVE IT! I have to vist there…it’s now on my paranormal “bucket list”! This Friday Ghost Adventures Crew will be in St. Louis at the famous “Exeorcist” house. I can’t wait to watch that episode. (Another bucket list location). I believe in spirits and I belive they are still all around us. YES – I am a paranormal author :)

    Thanks for sharing…I would love to meet your mom! (Brave Lady).

    • What channel will it be on? I love ghost stories and I DO believe in the paranormal. The house I have always felt was “home” was home to a spirit. We were never afraid of it and were never harmed in any way.

    • I’m out when it comes to demonic stuff. Would not go to the exorcist house, but there is a documentary out about that boy the Booth brothers, a pair of STL directors.
      I went to watch it at The Tivoli on the Loop. SCARY!!!

  • I loved this post. I really am a sucker for these types of stories. Great job! Looking forward to more!

    • Next week I write about MY experiences at the Myrtles. Then the Haunted History tour I took in New Orleans. We’ll wrap it up with the most haunted hotel: The Crescent in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

  • I had the same reaction–that was an awful lot of paranormal activity for one night! Like the spirits were pulling out all the stops. I think some people, perhaps Celeste is one of them, are more sensitive to the supernatural. Is it possible that she’s sort of a catalyst for that kind of activity?

    Fascinating! (Having grown up in Savannah, GA where there’s a haunted house on every corner, I believe there are things that happen that we just can’t explain! Thanks for sharing!)

    • My mom DOES believe that Celeste attracts paranormal activity. She and my mom almost died during the birth, so maybe they both became sensitive through that experience. My mom also said that a psychic in New Orleans said that Celeste “came through the veil” when she was born. Paranormal speak for “I see dead people.” Thanks for the interest in the story :)

  • Next time I go to NO, I’m staying at Myrtles!

    • It’s a few hours drive from there, but definitely worth the trip. Go when it’s not so cold so you can sit on the back porch and wait for some paranormal activity.

  • Oh wow. Not sure what to make of this. I’ve never had anything vaguely like this happen to me. No wait, I take that back. Just shortly after my father died and we were at my parent’s home, my husband and I both heard papers shuffling from my dad’s office. Just before he passed away, he had been frustrated that he couldn’t get his affairs more in order (cancer had gone to his brain and his ability to concentrate and think straight had been affected). We were on the pull out couch in the next room and I asked my husband to go see if the window was open and to see if maybe that’s what was making the papers move. My husband looked at me and just said, “Gee thanks, make me do it.” He did– no window open but now signs of anything either.

    Later the next day, I was singing and went to the laundry room to wash some clothing for my mom. My dad loved when I sang. I turned on the light, and it went off. It creeped me out a little so I said, “OK listen Dad, if that’s you and you still need to settle things, that’s fine, but you’re scaring me a bit so stop.”

    Does that count as sassing your parents if it’s in the after life?

    I have no idea if either of these things were real, but that’s the closest I’ve ever come to feeling anything like this.

    Fun post and very seasonally appropriate!

    • Glad you liked it. We lived in a haunted house where the piano would play at times. Just a few notes, but enough to let you know something was there 😉

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