My Blogger Origin Story

{Camille Faye here.} On my marketing quest, I ran across a site entitled “Women of Badassery” and I thought it was an extremely cool concept to highlight the strong, bad-ass women of fiction. We love strong women here on The Lit Ladies blog, so much so that we’re hosting a “Woman Power Week.” Be sure to check out this week’s other posts about other fabulous women writers. As it turns out, the woman behind “Women of Badassery” also happened to be an online writing friend of mine, Zen DiPietro. Without further ado, here’s Zen’s guest post about how her fun blog got started and some information on her new book, Seeking Sorrow.headshot


My Blogger Origin Story
by: Zen DiPietro

Recently, I was asked why I became a blogger.

Well it wasn’t on purpose. It was more of a “Dammit, the thing I want doesn’t exist. So I’ll just build it myself.” Actually, that’s exactly what it was.

See, I like indomitable heroines. But every time I started a book, it seemed like the heroine wasn’t really tough–just snarky and argumentative. Or she wasn’t so much independent as a damsel in distress. Time after time, I saw the heroine define herself by her looks and her sexuality, rather than by her strength and her brains. I began to wonder, “Where are the badass heroes who just happen to two x chromosomes?”

So I went to Google. There are a million book blogs, and I just needed to find one that featured the kind of books I like. I could follow it, get book recommendations, and be one happy bibliophile.

Except I didn’t find it. I found a lot of stuff, just not the stuff I was looking for. All I really wanted to do was read books, but I decided the gap I’d found was just too wide to let it be. If no one else was going to fill it, I’d have to do it myself.

I did not know how to blog. I had never seen the dashboard of a blog. (What, you mean the build side of a blog looks nothing like its web appearance? Ahahaha I had no clue.) So I learned fast, and kept learning. Every day, I learn how to do this better.

The best part of blogging is when someone tells me they read something I recommended and loved it. That thrills me, because I’ve always been crazy for books, and sharing that with other people is like having a favorite toy that actually gets better every time someone else plays with it too. It also means that the audience for hero women is out there. If the demand is more obvious, the supply will become greater.

Which means more great books for me to read, review, and share.

And if someday, books with hero women become so ubiquitous that this blog becomes redundant?

I’m good with that.


GUARDIANS OF TERATH- SEEKING SORROW cover proofMore about Zen’s new book, Seeking Sorrow:

An earth-like world of high-tech humans faces the reality that their world is not as safe as they thought it was. Five people are thrown together to quietly get to the bottom of an unfathomable mana event that must stay quiet. If the population of Terath becomes aware of the truth, it will spark a civil war. That war would pit the majority of the population against the powerful minority with the ability to harness and manipulate mana. The resulting cataclysm would decimate the population and tear apart the foundation of society.

The five people chosen for this must reconsider everything they thought they knew about mana, even as they learn to trust one another’s abilities. They must embrace everything they never wanted in order to prevent the devastation of their world. One of them will be forever changed. Love will be denied, badassery will be unleashed, and Terath will never be the same.

Even success comes at a price.

More about Zen:

Zen DiPietro is a lifelong bookworm, a fantasy/sci-fi writer, a dancer, and a mom of two. Also red-haired, left-handed, and a vegetarian geek. Absolutely terrible at conforming. Particular loves include badass heroines, Star Trek, British accents, baba ganoush, and the smell of Band-Aids. Writing reviews, author interviews, and fun stuff at Very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Twitter: @ZenDiPietro

Here’s the Amazon link for Seeking Sorrow.


  • I can’t wait to check out Women of Badassery! Going there now.

  • Thanks so much to Camille and the Literary Ladies for hosting me. You know I am ALL about Woman Power Week. What a great idea for a series!

    • It’s been fun so far. We may have to make this a yearly thing.

    • Strong women are not born, they are created by Life’s passages and the ability to make the very best of their journey. My book, Bleecker Street, The Journey Of Lovie Maroon (published at age 67) . is just one story about such determination. The one quote that keeps me going, “Don’t wait for your ship to come to you, Row out and board it.” Much to my surprise Lovie is selling well without the sex, drugs and R&R. Available with B&N, The Tattered Cover and Amazon books and The Book Depository UK.

      • Patricia, you are absolutely right that you have to go after your dreams no matter what age you are. Thanks for chiming in and good luck with your book.

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