My New Tagline: What do you think?

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This past weekend, I updated my website and created a new tagline, which will hopefully focus all these blog posts I do over here–I really appreciate all the comments here, on Facebook, and on Twitter about setting boundaries, trust, stress, speaking out and being part of the Sandwich generation as well as young adult  novels and writing in general. But now in 2015, I think I have a tag line that is going to join all these thoughts together (as well as my three published books and works-in-progress). So, that tag line is. . .

Be unique. Be strong. Be yourself.

Here is what I wrote about the tagline on my new blog (which you can check out here) (Please, please do. . .).

I’ve been playing around with different themes and connections on blog posts and with my books. I’ve asked myself what ties me all together, and I decided this tagline is it. I work hard to be unique and strong. I definitely try to be myself, too. I also think the same is true of the three main characters in my books, in spite of the fact each book is for a different age group. Each girl is unique: Maggie is a detective; Anna loves writing and reading and doesn’t care about cooking and sewing; and Julie loves Katharine Hepburn and her family to a fault. These are unique qualities in girls their age. They are each strong in their own way–Maggie doesn’t give up; Anna survives a war and takes care of her family; Julie stands up for her morals in spite of losing love. . .

My next projects, besides hopefully sequels to Maggie and CBTC at some point, are a funny picture book with a unique little boy and his desire to buy toys, a MG novel about a super sleuth, and a YA novel about a community shooting. All the characters fit this tagline.

So this is it. This is me. I’m excited to share more with you, including stuff about my books and other people’s books, too.

I would love for you to take a look at my new site (it’s not quite done–needs a few more pages), but what do you think? I’m in love with this WordPress designer’s theme. Go here:



  • I like it, Margo. Shared on SM on all my accounts. :)

  • So exciting! I’m glad you’ve zeroed in on this tagline that fits your work so well.

  • Thanks, Camille and Marilyn! :) I appreciate all your support so much.

So, what do you think?