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by Next TwentyEight (

by Next TwentyEight (

A couple weeks ago, we had a discussion on the Lit Ladies blog and on Facebook about what makes people strong. A lot of smart people had a lot to say in the comments. But to sum it up, if you missed it, basically being strong means being resourceful and smart–knowing when you need some help and not backing down in the face of adversity. It doesn’t mean you have to hide your emotions or go at the tough times alone. It means you survive.

So, I would love to have a STRONG ONE celebration and contest here. I would love for you to nominate a strong person (male or female, young or old). Are you thinking of someone that fits the above definition? Then read on. This person could have faced or be facing anything and managing to do it with strength and grace. Nothing is too trivial. We want to hear the stories. These will help everyone!

How do you nominate someone?

All you have to do to nominate someone is leave a comment below with a brief story—you can use the person’s first name or initials, if you don’t want to reveal the full name. So state a name, age, male or female, and then tell a bit why you think this person deserves to win THE STRONG ONE award. (You can also email your nomination to Margo at margo@margodill (dot) com. Please put STRONG ONE NOMINATION in the subject line.) Anyone around the world can nominate or be nominated. People outside the United States will only be eligible to win digital gift cards and/or books, however.

What will the strong person win?

The STRONG ONE will win a $10 gift card to a store of his/her choice from a list of several choices, such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, Amazon, Macy’s etc. He or she (if desired) will also be interviewed and featured on the Lit Ladies blog. (Identity can be kept private if needed).

What will you win for nominating the person?

You will win a book of your choice from the Lit Ladies—this could be Voodoo Butterfly from Camille Faye, The Kindling from Brandi Schmidt, or from me: Finding My Place, Caught Between Two Curses or Maggie Mae: Detective Extraordinaire. To read about our books, please visit the book page here, or they are also on Amazon!

Let’s celebrate each other as we make it through the doldrums of winter. Nominations will be open through Feb. 28 at 11:59 pm CST. The winner (if we are able to pick just one) will be announced on March 3 on the Lit Ladies blog.
Who knows a strong person? Nominate him or her now!


  • I would like to nominate my mom, Nancy, 71. Not only did she graduate from an Ivy League college in a time when not many women did, she was also a Captain in the Army and served in Viet Nam. And to top it all off, she’s been able to stay married to my father for 48 years….now that takes strength! :)

    • Debi: Thank you so much for your nomination. Your mom sounds like an incredibly strong woman–to serve in Vietnam. WOW. You are lucky to know such an amazing person! :)

  • I would like to nominate Shannon Aldridge to win the STRONG ONE award. He and his wife Amy lost their only child, a 13 year-old daughter, to brain cancer eight years ago. The loss was devastating to the family, friends, and community around this beautiful and talented child. Out of that loss, Shannon and Amy started “Hoops for Life,” a fund that raises money for brain cancer research. One of the biggest events they organize is the hardest 5k race in the area. Every year for five years straight 500-700 people have run it the weekend of her birthday. So far, Hoops for Life has raised over $100,000 for the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. Shannon has been an inspiration to many people throughout his journey of personal loss and hope for the future of other children. He’s always there to cheer you on when you need a little extra push. As a mentor, an ultra runner, a husband, and an advocate for children, this man is one of the best around, and that’s why he should win the STRONG ONE award.

    • Janet: Thank you so much for nomination! The strength of the human spirit is incredible, and your friend has definitely exemplified that. What amazing accomplishments! Thank you.

  • I would like to nominate E and her mom A. A year and a half ago, E was diagnosed at age 4 with leukemia. Her mom’s life has been all about E’s care–not only treatments, but always finding ways to make her enjoy life. If you were to view pictures on FB or her blog, you’d describe the family as happy. The last couple of years have involved weekly trips to Chicago for treatment. Through it all, A has kept such a positive attitude. I wish I had her strength to keep a family together as she’s done. And of course, E, herself has been through a lot and is still attending kindergarten. The two of them together are a team, so I can’t nominate one without the other.

    • Natalie, thank you for sharing E and A with us! What great strength.

  • I would like to nominate my nephew Gunnar for the STRONG ONE award.
    Gunnar was born April 20, 2004. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Trisomy 10, a rare chromosomal disorder.
    His parents were told he would most likely only live a few weeks…
    Gunnar celebrated his first birthday in the hospital after the first surgery to repair his “broken heart”.
    Since then he has endured 37 additional surgeries to correct abnormalities related to Trisomy 10, including shortened radial bones and non-existent thumbs.
    With his 11th birthday on the horizon, he is thriving in the 4th grade.
    He is an active, loving, and happy child who doesn’t recognize the word “can’t”.
    His sweet spirit and sense of humor are an inspiration to everyone who knows him.
    He totally deserves his nickname of Miracle Man!

    • WOW, Janice, thank you for sharing the story of your nephew. What amazing strength at such a young age.

  • I would like to nominate my friend, Michelle B, for the Strong One Award. She is the rock for her family. Whether it is a family member dealing with substance abuse, another family member fighting for his life with an extremely rare cancer, or family members going through divorce – she is there for them. Everyone knows they can go to her, and she is so supportive and encouraging, even though she internalizes and hurts along with every one of them. No matter what is needed, she is there – always with a smile on her face. Her patience and compassion are endless. She is the most selfless individual I know.

    • Lori, you are lucky to have such an amazing friend!!!

  • I’m nominating my friend Lynne. Lynne is a doctor and a single mom of three boys who were all born facing tough challenges. Lynne dedicated herself to adopting each boy and at the same time became a co-founder of Jeremiah’s Place, the first and only crisis nursery in Pittsburgh, PA, that provides termporary shelter for children in need. Lynne works tirelessly to raise her boys right and to help other children in our community. Recently Lynne and the boys have faced additional challenges as the move through the school system, but they are drawing strength from their faith and each other. I’m honored to call Lynne my friend.

  • People like your friend Lynne inspire us all to be better people!

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  • I nominate Regina as a strong person. She and her husband noticed some changes in his health last fall, and visited doctors for tests. On Halloween they heard his diagnosis of stage 4 cancer in several areas of his body. He passed away, at home, on Christmas Eve. Regina did much to care for him, with the assistance of hospice, family, and friends. She was devoted and caring, concerned with meeting his needs, but also going to great lengths to fulfill his wishes.
    She is now back at her teaching job, playing piano at church, crocheting articles for new babies, and holding the family together after the loss of her husband. She recently knew someone to contact to make sure a snowed-in family received groceries. She never seems to tire of doing for others, even though she could use plenty of TLC for herself.
    I don’t know Regina’s age, though I would say she is mid-to-late fifties, and her birthday is today, February 28!

    • Marcie: Thank you for your nomination! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your story of strength!

  • I nominate my dad. He is a Vietnam veteran, a writer, a photographer and a grandfather. He struggles with PTSD and never gives up trying to get better, he is a truly strong person. Most importantly he is my dad, he is awesome and I love him!

    • Ben: This nomination is awesome. What an amazing man and how lucky also to have you as a son! :)

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