Project Unbreakable Is Something We All Should Read

Grace Brown

Grace Brown

I’ve said it about many issues in the world–education is the key. You can start solving many unbelievable problems in the world by educating yourself and your family. If we choose to turn our heads or let someone else deal with the problem, you can guarantee it will continue.  This is why I am discussing Project Unbreakable today.

What is it?

Project Unbreakable is a blog on Here’s what it says on : “The mission of Project Unbreakable is to increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault and encourage the act of healing through art. Since the project’s conception in October 2011 by then nineteen-year-old Grace Brown, it has featured over three thousand images of sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers. Project Unbreakable has been featured in media outlets such as Glamour, TIME, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian. ”

This blog is not an easy thing to read, but it is necessary; so you can see how some girls and boys are treated where THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE. It’s the attitudes in these photos that continue to create a society where sexual assault happens in homes, schools, and churches. Below are a couple of examples of what you will see when you go to the link. (Not appropriate for children under 14 in my opinion, but you can share the information with younger children on your own, so they are aware 1. that people may say things like this to them and they should tell you if someone does  2. these attitudes are unacceptable!)

Quotes from this blog:

AGAIN, WARNING: This is hard to read.  A girl is holding up a sign, partially covering her face. The sign says, “Be grateful I didn’t hurt you.”  I was 6.  He just raped me.

Another one: A girl holding a sign that says: “You had sex with *******?” a text message from my best friend two weeks after a guy in my department got me drunk and RAPED me.

Finally: A girl holding a sign IN FRONT OF HER FACE, “We’re going to do this until you stop crying.”

And I hate to say it, but there are hundreds more–hundreds


braceletsWhat can we do:

Teach our girls and boys about sexual predators–the thing to teach them is NOT JUST how it is inappropriate for anyone to touch you when you don’t want them to, but that these people will say anything to get you not to tell. NEVER LISTEN TO THEM. TELL.

Teach our teenagers that even if they make a bad choice and get drunk, this is not an excuse for anyone to sexually assault them. And this is an attitude that is rampant on social media. I have been in many online debates with IDIOTS who will say that a girl deserved to be raped if she was drunk or dressed inappropriately. Seriously, it’s like we are still living in the stone ages.

WE can start at home letting our children know the truth at age appropriate times and create an honest environment to share with each other. Currently, I’ve started talking to my 3-year-old about strangers and about telling Mommy and Daddy the truth at all times. My husband has talked to my stepson who is 13 about sexual assault and strangers and anything that makes him uncomfortable. I also try to talk to him about how to treat women. It’s never too early in my opinion.

How does all this make you feel? Anything you want to share?



So, what do you think?