The Most Haunted Hotel In America: The Crescent

Haunted room 218

My mom, my sister, and I took an awesome girls’ weekend to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. First of all, I don’t know how they built that town, because it’s literally perched on a mountain with streets that are nearly straight up and down. Driving through the skinny, switchback streets I definitely prayed to the god of effective brakes.

We stayed at “the most haunted hotel in America,” The Crescent Hotel, which has gotten publicity in recent years from paranormal investigation shows like TAPS. The building is beautiful yet creepy, a la the hotel from the movie The Shining.

The Crescent opened in the late 1800s as a lavish resort for VIPS in the Midwest. As the years passed, it served as a college for young women. Then as a “cancer-curing” hospital which pulled in millions of dollars in just three short years in the 1930s. (Many of the ghosts probably came from Dr. Baker’s failed attempts to save people with his “miracle cure”).

The Crescent Ghost Tour (well worth the twenty bucks per person) gets you a good historical account of the hotel with plenty of ghost stories and even some demonstrations (ghost photos, paranormal video evidence, and a beeping ghost meter).

Haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR with linda (mom) and celeste and camille (7)

Creepy Carving on Fireplace at The Crescent

The most haunted room, 218, gets visits from Michael, an Irish mason who helped build the hotel. Supposedly, he fell to his death during construction in the area outside the door to 218. Michael likes the ladies and will sometimes touch them while they sleep–or push men out of bed (Ha!). Here I am with my pregnant self, wearing my rosary for spiritual protection and posing by the famous spot.

We did not stay in 218, but did stay down the hall where my mother heard a rhythmic thudding in the hallway right outside our door. When the hotel was a women’s college, the dean’s young boy fell fatally ill and sometimes he’ll bounce his ball down the hallway.

Room 3500 seems the creepiest to me–especially after seeing the picture that our guide provided. A woman will stand at the foot of your bed and stare at you, but most times only women can see her. So if your hubby’s in bed with you, he may think you’re crazy.

Room 419 is Theodora’s space. She was a tiny woman (we’re talking four feet tall) who worked at The Crescent and when you stay in her room, make sure to clean up after yourself…or she will. Some guests report that they’ll come back to their room after being out for the day and find their bags packed by the door.

Orb of Morris the Cat?

After the ghost tour, I decided to take some pictures of my sister who was petting one of the two resident cats. But there is also a resident ghost cat, Morris, whose framed picture hangs above this couch. I got this cool orb that I am quite proud of. Plus, in the making of this post, every time I viewed the picture it was positioned correctly. But each time I downloaded it to Blogger, it showed up rotated! I’ll take it to mean that the ghosts approve of this post.

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  • I was just in Eureka Springs, but we didn’t go there. I have been there before, but never done the tour. It sounds cool–but I feel sorry for that little boy still bouncing his ball. How sad. . .I think you look cute and happy there next to room 218!

    • It is sad about that little boy. Some people believe that those kinds of hauntings are more like energy imprints. Almost like a movie on repeat. So I hope that it’s something like that, but the boy’s actual spirit has been free and gone to a better place.

  • Love this place. Hubby and I stayed there years ago–pre-kids–and I had an outstanding relationship with one of the cats. We never had any ghostly visits, but I credited the black cat (yes, that was the one that liked me) with keeping us ghost-free. :)

    • I can’t remember if it was the black cat my sister was petting. I enjoyed my experience so much at The Crescent and would definitely go again :)

  • Love the rotated picture. Yes, the ghosties are happy! Sounds like a great place to visit. There’s a hotel in Estes Park, Colorado called the Stanley Hotel– the setting for the movie The Shining– that capitalizes on its fame and is said to be haunted. I should give it a visit sometime.

    • Oh my gosh, Julie! I want to go to the Stanley Hotel so much. My family enjoys visiting weird places and when I was pregnant with my son, we went to see Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and watched “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to prepare for it. Love “The Shining,” so would definitely watch that to prepare for the Stanley and cross that off of my bucket list.

  • Just visited there during the Ozarks Creative Writers conference. My sister and I saw a play about sisters – one a ghost trying to take their childhood home back from the other. We didn’t know it was about sisters beforehand. While trying to find the little theater room we ended up in the basement wandering the halls at 10pm. Yikes.

    • Marcia: I would have freaked out! In the basement? Yikes–I’m sure you knew about the haunting ahead of time. . .But that’s got to be material for a story. Two writers, two sisters, lost in the basement of the most haunted hotel in America. . .

    • Marcia, I know what the basement is like! That’s where they put the bodies when the Crescent was a hospital. During the ghost tour, the guide actually turned all the lights off and used some special equipment that would light up if it sensed spikes of energy. So cool :)

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  • […] pada tahun 1886, Hotel Crescent dipercaya sebagai hotel paling seram di Amerika. Ceritanya bermula ketika hotel ini jatuh bangkrap […]

  • […] Hotel Crescent Dibangunkan pada tahun 1886, Hotel Crescent dipercaya sebagai hotel paling seram di Amerika. Ceritanya bermula ketika hotel ini jatuh […]

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