Update on Strong One Nominations

Liz West Flickr.com

Liz West Flickr.com

Thanks to everyone who has already nominated a STRONG ONE either in the comments of last week’s post or by emailing me (margo (at) margodill.com) your nomination. We are so honored that you are sharing a strong person in your life with us. We have read some incredible stories:

  • 93-year-old kind writer who is still writing and publishing her work
  • 91-year-old writer who has had multiple health issues and is still smiling, painting, and writing
  • 71-year-old Ivy League college graduate, (when many woman did not finish college), and former Army captain in Vietnam and a mother
  • A father who lost his 13-year-old daughter to brain cancer and started “Hoops for Life”
  • A mother and a kindergartner who work together with grace and love to fight the girl’s leukemia
  • A 10-year-old who was diagnosed with Trisomy 10, a rare chromosomal disorder, & has survived with grace 10 years longer than doctors predicted
  • A woman who gives of her time and self to her family members and friends no matter what their problems
  • A single mom who is a doctor and parents three boys whom she adopted at the same time, becoming a co-founder of Jeremiah’s Place, the first and only crisis nursery in Pittsburgh, PA

WOW! These are amazing people and stories. We are so thrilled to inspire you with their stories. We hope more people will share strong people they know and nominate them to win the STRONG ONE award.

To find out how to nominate someone (it’s really easy!) and what everyone can win, please go to our post from last week here: www.thelitladies.com/nominate-a-strong-person-you-know/ Nominations are due by Feb. 28, 11:59 pm CST.

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