26 Sep

Wake Up: Reality Gets Messy

DSC00994In September, school really gets going again, so I wanted to highlight some movies that really got the wheels turning for me. In previous weeks, I highlighted Bully, which scrutinizes a common social problem and makes us think about how we can deal with bullying. I Am examines the big existential questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” The final documentary I chose really made me think about the nature of reality and my own spirituality.

Wake Up follows Jonas Elrod as he deals with a strange condition: the ability to see things in other dimensions. After a close friend of his dies, he just wakes up one morning with the ability to see angels, demons, spirits, and auras. The documentary follows him for three years as he talks with a variety of experts to help him deal with this condition. The psychologist he sees does not believe he suffers from any mental illness. Doctors perform scans of his brain and never find anything wrong. The most help he gets is from people who 1) have similar abilities or 2) are spiritual leaders. For instance, Jonas experiences a sweat ceremony and vision quest with a Native American guide. Jonas meets an Italian photographer who uses a special camera to document energy forms. During the session, the photographer captures a human/alien looking figure over Jonas’ shoulder. It’s a compelling picture!

When you watch a thought-provoking film like this, you realize that we don’t know everything. Look at all the possibility that rolls out for us when we open up to the expansiveness of our world. The universe is a big place and I, for one, enjoy all the messy and exciting mysteries that reality can throw at me.

PS–You can watch Wake Up on Netflix.

How about you? Do life’s mysteries excite you or scare you?


  • Spirit Lady:
    This is interesting and FRIGHTENING to me. If this happened to me, I think I would totally go crazy and have a mental illness. I have NEVER had any sort of experience with ghosts, spirits, angels, etc. at least not that I can remember. I have talked to people–people that I know–who have had these experiences, and I believe them. But sometimes, it goes against my Christian beliefs and I wonder if our mind has a way of trying to make us feel better about things. Here’s what I mean: I believe that when we die, our spirit goes to Heaven. I want our spirit to go to Heaven–I don’t want my grandma or my grandpa or anyone to be here on earth “haunting”–that’s so sad. HOWEVER, I do wish I could talk to or see my grandma, especially, have her see KB, whom she never got to meet. But if she’s here on earth still so we can see her, is she in Heaven too? Well, who knows, right? It’s an interesting topic and I love all these documentaries you are telling us about. :)

    • Well, I’ve lived in a haunted house and stayed in a few haunted hotels. The freakiest thing that ever happened to me was I woke up one night and something was tapping on my head (like with their pointer finger). I was paralyzed with fear and just laid there, PRAYING, until eventually I fell back asleep :) Crazy stuff. Yeah, I like to hope that loved ones who pass over can interact with us. To me, it doesn’t mean they are “stuck” here, it just means that the spirit world works differently and they can move around easier than we can.

  • Excellent Post, Spirit Lady. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and I really think I need to check out this documentary. As humans we’re never going to have all the answers. Our religions can explain all the things God revealed to us, but there will always be things out there that only God knows the answer to and we can only glimpse from time to time. I love your open-mindedness, its one of your most lovely qualities :) keep being awesome, Spirit Lady.

    • Well, thank you. You are quite a lovely person yourself πŸ˜‰

  • I am sooooo watching this tonight! Sounds great, I love the supernatural/paranormal world.

    • Tell me what you think πŸ˜‰

  • I think I’m a little like Sandwich Lady– I’m not sure how this all coincides with my beliefs. Having said that, I’ve had one or two strange encounters I didn’t exactly know how to interpret. But, I too would be a little freaked if this happened to me. I have Netflix so now I want to watch this! What did you think? Did you “buy” it” Do you think he was having authentic encounters? Fascinating.

    • I did believe him. And the photo they take is pretty incredible, so I’d be interested what you think about it. I think it’s legit. Plus, he said he felt something near his shoulder during the photo session.

  • I did believe him. And the photo they take is pretty incredible, so I’d be interested what you think about it. I think it’s legit. Plus, he said he felt something near his shoulder during the photo session.

So, what do you think?