Welcome to Woman Power Week!

We Can Do It! Rosie the RiveterThis week we’re going to do something special on The Lit Ladies blog. We are no strangers to honoring women writers on this site, but we thought it would be cool to run an entire week of posts highlighting the work of women authors so that each day you’ll read about a new author and her work.

When we started this blog in 2013, we had the intention of showing how our critique group used our truths to shape our fiction. The Lit Ladies, as a whole, represent a broad spectrum of feminine energies and experience. We are mothers, students, wives, sisters, daughters, homemakers, teachers, career women, entrepreneurs, and artists. Amidst all of that life, we are writers.

Read on, write on, and enjoy the ride as we empower our sister writers. Welcome to Woman Power Week!


Camille Faye | Author of Voodoo Butterfly

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