26 Nov

Why I am Thankful for Nurses and Doctors (And Not the Nosy Lady at Target Yesterday)

Thankful for Nurse Beth who helped give KB her first bath!

Thankful for Nurse Beth who helped give KB her first bath!

Two days before Thanksgiving, I decided that I should post about something positive, meaningful, and full of gratitude. So, I am–but I still can’t help bringing up that lady in Target yesterday. (My Facebook friends are nodding their heads. .. ) Let’s start off on a good note–as part of the Sandwich Generation and a mother of advanced maternal age (that means 39), I have had my fair share of experience with nurses and doctors. I would like to share some of the best ones that have touched my family’s lives in the past three years.

  • Beth Spotanski (who is now my Facebook friend & probably saw me ranting about the Target lady yesterday) was a very special nurse in the NICU at Children’s Hospital, who helped take care of KB. Whenever Nurse Beth was on duty, I felt reassured and safe with what was going on. This does not mean that I didn’t have faith in every single person on that floor, but I just felt very comfortable with her. When I had something I was worried about or complained about, Beth listened and took action. For example, the first time Rick and I ever gave KB a bath, she helped us, and we needed help–believe me. It is frightening to give a 5.5 lb. baby a bath! Thank you, Beth!
  • Nicole–also in the NICU at Children’s Hospital is responsible for me being able to breast feed. I really wanted to breast feed KB for several reasons, but it wasn’t going very well in the NICU–KB had trouble sucking–I wasn’t getting much milk pumping, and so I was about to give up. Nicole said, “If you want to do this, we will do this.” She showed me the football hold, got me a nipple shield, and we took off! I would have given up if it wasn’t for her. And I made it 8 1/2 months! Thank you, Nicole!
  • Dr. Laquita Graham (who is my friend from HIGH SCHOOL!) is KB’s pediatrician, and I am SO thankful she agreed to take us on. She called me all the time when KB was in the NICU and explained what was going on. I could call her and ask questions. She saw KB and checked her out while she was at MO BAP, and just was a wonderful, awesome support system during that time. And of course, she still is. Oh my goodness, for those of you who have a wonderful pediatrician, you know you have to be thankful for these amazing people! Thank you, Laquita (AKA Dr. Graham).
  • Dr. Curt E. Calcaterra (my mom’s doctor and mine, too): Dr. Calcaterra is the ONE person who finally figured out what was going on during my mom’s knee surgery with the pain medication. When he found out the different pain medication she had been on in the hospital and then at Delmar Gardens, he said, “WOW! That’s not going to help you.” So, he asked her the symptoms she thought she had that made her “allergic” to the good pain medicine, and she told him–then he said–THAT IS NOT A SIDE EFFECT OF THAT MEDICATION! YOU CAN TAKE IT! Within 12 hours of switching, my mom was back to herself, asking to talk to the social worker and getting her out of Delmar Gardens. It was amazing. Thank GOD, Dr. Calcaterra asked the right questions and knew his stuff! Thank you, Dr. Calcaterra.

And now for the lady at Target. . .no, really I’m not going to get into it. I’ll just share what I posted on my FB page, and leave it at that:

If you are in a store this holiday season and you see a parent with a small, screaming child, it is best NOT to engage with child and/or parent. DUH! Today at Target, KB screaming because 1. it’s nap time 2. she wanted a book. After a much drawn out process, I was just trying to finish my shopping while she is screaming, and this woman says to me, “Boy she can really scream.” And at first I said, “Yea.” and smiled. THEN THE WOMAN SAYS to KB, “Scream, honey, scream.” To which, KB did. And I said, “I find it absolutely mortifying. Please stop.” And the woman says to me, “Why is she screaming? What does she want?” And I start to say, “She’s being spoiled.” But instead I say, “It’s none of your business. Please leave us alone.” I MEAN SERIOUSLY??? Have you never met a 3 year old at naptime? It was a spectacle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • So sweet…KB was so tiny, I would of been scared too. BUT – now she is a perfect little 3 yr old (even if she screams all the way through Target).

    I am thankful to have you as a friend and a Lit Lady!

    • I am thankful for you too! :) And for my screaming, perfect three-year-old.

  • When I was pregnant with my youngest son and my oldest was a (big) 2-year-old, we were out in public once and he was throwing a fit because I wouldn’t carry him to the car (because I wasn’t supposed to). An old man approached me and said, “Aw. Why won’t you just give him what he wants?” My response was a snippy, “BECAUSE I’M THE MOM!” I am thankful for other moms and dads out there who get it and who know when to just smile and say nothing at all.

    • Men are worse than women when it comes to this, I have to say. Although I’ve had two people say something to me in a store in the past week (yes, my daughter is so well-behaved) and both have been “older” women. But not like 90. If someone was 90, I would let them say to me whatever they want. They have earned it. :)

  • My heart shares your intense gratefulness for all the kind, patient and knowledgeable medical professionals out there. As we go through medical “ick” with my 23-year-old son, I am very thankful for those that are easing our way through this journey.

    As for that lady– well I’ll just give you (and fellow FB commenters) an “Amen, Sistah!”

    • A good nurse and/or doctor is a gift from God.

  • I remember that day… We were supposed to meet for lunch. So glad that KB is a happy, healthy three-year-old with great lungs. And that you are a mom. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    And I am thankful to be Lit Lady.


    • OMG, I forgot about that. Ummm, Tricia, I won’t be going to lunch today because I’m having a baby. . .:) LOL

  • Nap time is happy time for everyone. You are getting very good about not letting people get in your business (good job). Some parents tell me that if their kid is having a tantrum, they’ll just drop everything and leave the store (with their stuff still in the cart in the store). Really?! Then you just have to go do all that all over again!! LOL.

    • Yes, nap time is happy time! :) Thank you. I know, I really thought about it (leaving the store) but I was buying stuff for a Christmas donation AND Logan’s birthday so I “needed” both things.

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