Why You Should Always Check Your Hotel Room

KB and me at OCW banquet

KB and me at OCW banquet

This past weekend, my retired parents, my almost 3-year-old daughter, and I drove to Eureka Springs, AR for the 2013 Ozark Creative Writers’ conference. I was speaking there, and my husband had to work all weekend (still for no pay–government shutdown), and so I needed to bring KB with me. My parents came along as the babysitters.

We had adventures, of course–if you’ve been reading these Tuesday Sandwich Generation posts or my Facebook page, you’ll know my family is a scream. From my daughter telling my mom that Grandma didn’t have to worry because we were going to let her stay in the hotel, too, TO my mom telling the story of how she accidentally called Matt Adams from the St. Louis Cardinals “Big Pussy” instead of “Big Kitty” (and then KB repeated–go big pussy–yes, it happened), we were laughing hysterically many times. HOWEVER, that is not the point of this post today. TODAY, you will find out why you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your hotel room before you go to sleep the first night–ESPECIALLY if it is a “pet-friendly” hotel.

We spent the night on Thursday night and woke up Friday morning. I spoke at a session at 9:15 am, so I made my way to the conference and left the three of them at the hotel room.  When my session ended, I called around 10:30 am and asked how things were going. My dad said, “You won’t believe this story.”  So, here’s what he told me.

KB and my mom were playing hide and seek in the hotel room. KB went to hide and all of a sudden she said, “EWWW. I stepped in something awful.” (She was in BARE FEET.)

My mom rushed over, thinking for sure it was a big bug, and looked down to see that KB had stepped in a pile of DOG POOP! Yes, a little pile of poop leftover from some other friendly hotel guests and their untrained dog, and the hotel staff must have missed this extra deposit in the room. So, my mom cleans KB’s feet (SHE IS A SAINT), and then KB goes to look out the window. I am not kidding when I tell you. . .

Who did it?

Who did it?


Yes, my mom had to then clean that off her foot, my dad removed both piles (as well as the poopy pull-up since KB IS STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED!), and then they, of course, scoured the room for more piles.

When my dad told me this story, I couldn’t believe we couldn’t smell it or see it the night before. We were not staying at the Taj Mahal–the rooms were nice but not that big. We did tell the staff, and they were just shocked and couldn’t understand how something like that could happen.

The whole rest of the weekend, KB kept saying to make sure to keep the door locked, so no dogs could come in and poop in her room.

So, the moral of this story: make sure you check your hotel room BEFORE you sleep there. . .or play hide and seek.

Photo credits:  Top right: Jen Nips    Bottom left: Stewart Black from Flickr.com



  • Gross!. That’s disgusting. Your mom is a saint. I hope that hotel knocked some $$ off your stay. That is totally unacceptable.

    Want anther funny? Matt Adams nickname is Big City, not Big Kitty or Big Pussy. So that’s even funnier how it got turned around. But we sure got a kick out of it the other night at the ballpark when I told my daughter. Adams was on second base and we kept screaming,”Score, Big Pussy. You gotta score Big Pussy.” Boy did we get some strange looks, but we were too busy laughing.

    • I guess recently David Freese was interviewed and called Matt Adams, “Big Kitty.” So my dad had been telling my mom about this interview, and that’s why she couldn’t remember Big Kitty and said GO BIG PUSSY! :) LOL I can’t wait to tell her that you are now using it in your household, too. :) LOL

  • Oh. So. Wrong. Your poor sweet little one the victim too (and Mom gets another jewel in her crown!). Ack. I do hope you got a good deal. Aside from that (shudders) incident, how did the conference and speaking go?

    • The conference was great–it is a very friendly and fun conference, and I really, really enjoyed literary agent Jim Donovan and author Kevin Brockmeier. Plus, Patt Carr, a fiction writer and teacher, made me write an entire scene in 7 minutes, and I did it! I couldn’t believe it. My sessions seemed to go over well, and I made some new contacts, too. :)

  • Great conference. Sorry about your lesser “adventures”! My only problem was catching crickets from my room to put them outside (but I stayed at a different place). In your place I wouldn’t have been so calm but would have insisted the hotel do the cleaning, and asked for a different room too, or free/discount. I admire that it didn’t faze you and you kept your wonderful sense of humor!

    • Oh, Marcia, I think the thought of moving KB and my parents was just too much to bear. . .:) I figured it was kind of like camping. :) LOL Great to see you there, and congrats on your wins!

  • Ewww! I grew up in an old farmhouse that had brown recluse spiders, so I always check the sheets when I stay in a hotel. Never thought about doggie poo. Hilarious! Your parents are so awesome :)

    • Brown recluse spiders scare the crud out of me. . . Yes, doggie poo. See it’s a good thing we are friends. YOu learn from me. :)

  • Sandwich Lady –

    That’s gross, but not what I was expecting: Bed Bugs. My sister’s roommate in college brought bed bugs back with her to their house after she stayed at a cheap motel in New York City. It was a horrible experience for both of them and their friendship did not survive. Not only was my sister repeatedly bitten, to the point she had to go to the doctor, she ended up having to throw out a good chunk of her belongings because they were infested everywhere. I now always check my sheets and pull back and look at the mattress seems to make sure there are no sign of bugs anywhere.

    I’m glad you got off with just a little poop that makes for a good laugh. :)

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