25 Mar

Winning a Book Trailer for Caught Between Two Curses and Announcement

sign in poster and bookmarkI won a book trailer from Castlelane (http://www.castelane.com/) , which was unbelievably good luck for me because I have a brand new young adult novel out, Caught Between Two Curses. I’ve never had a book trailer before, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this one. Kim at Castlelane did a fantastic job after I filled out a questionnaire and worked with me to get this book trailer perfect. If you’ve been wondering what this novel is about, click the ONE MINUTE trailer below. You can watch it right here on the Lit Ladies site! So, without further ado, here it is. . .

And I’m pleased to announce that you can currently buy the book from Amazon.com AND from Rocking Horse Publishing. It’s also available for Kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J8UWR4K . It should soon be available from Barnes and Noble. ( I will also have a stash of copies I can autograph and send you soon. If you are waiting for a personalized copy from me, I will let you know those details VERY SOON!)

the fun tableSO, you can buy your copy today from one of these online sources, and you will still be qualified to win glorious prizes at the online book launch party next week. More details on the party to come soon.

If you are interested in Castlelane, please check out all their services at the link above. “Castelane seeks to provide a wide variety of affordable and innovative marketing tools and services to authors, publishers and publicists to promote their books and improve their brand in the market. We strive to offer personalized ‘one-stop-shop’ marketing services to those who may not have the skills or time to market themselves.” They are WONDERFUL to work with. And I leave you with a couple photos from my in-person book launch party here. . . enjoy reading! (What are you waiting for? Buy your copy today!)


hanging pictures       the crowdTricia and margo


  • Congratulations Margo! Can’t wait to own my own copy! Grace was so sad she missed your book signing–hope it went well.

    • Thanks, Sally! It did go well. Actually the books weren’t even ready, and we still were able to sell 42 that night in person and online. :) So, I am blessed to have such supportive friends! :)

  • Love it! Glad they let you make those few changes! AND FREE…well that is just awesome. I know this book will be a great sucess (I’ve read it :)) The release party was so fun and the turnout was great! I am so happy for you!

  • […] Next, I revealed my book trailer for my new YA book, Caught Between Two Curses, on my critique group’s blog, The Lit Ladies. I feel so lucky because I WON THE BOOK TRAILER from Castlelane, Inc. and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with marketing, covers, and more. Check out my awesome book trailer (it’s only one minute long) and more info about Castlelane here: http://www.thelitladies.com/winning-a-book-trailer-for-caught-between-two-curses-and-announcement/ […]

  • Way to go, Margo! Can’t wait to read your newest book. Question: When do you sleep? Or do you?:) Smiles!

    • I try to sleep as little as possible, but. . that’s not always the best plan. :)

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